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The era of speculation - Digital Threat Digest

I’m always curious about who starts conspiracy theories. Is it just one random person in their dark room on a computer with a light bulb moment and the power of the internet? How does it catch on? And are we all just engineered to speculate? The latest conspiracy theory to rock our world is around the House of Windsor, and more specifically – Kate Middleton and the conspiracy theories over her health on social media.

  • Digital Threat Digest

Oppenheimer vs Hinton? - Digital Threat Digest

I’m sure that I don’t need to provide context for this digest, but yesterday I found out that one of my colleagues had no idea what the Barbie movie was, so just in case you missed it as well - two of the biggest films of the year, Oppenheimer (a biopic about Robert Oppenheimer, the creation and use of the atomic bomb) and Barbie (a hard-hitting piece of cinematic mastery about the complex lives of plastic dolls) were released last Friday.