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Developing national capacity to counter digital threats.

Our globally trusted Build team develops long-term digital resilience for national governments, NGOs, institutions and corporates.

As nations become more reliant on technology, they are tasked with managing digital threats with the potential to damage the economy and national daily life.

PGI's capacity building experts work in partnership with national governments and similar clients to understand the threats facing them, and to develop effective strategies that counter those risks. 

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Measuring your digital resilience

A nation or organisation’s ability to respond to digital threats depends on it having effective strategies and frameworks, a skilled workforce, and the technical means to defend its people, processes and infrastructure.

We can take a temperature check on national capability by gauging the following:

Awareness of digital hygiene among the general population

Are digital hygiene practices as embedded in everyday life as, say, brushing our teeth?

Education and professional development

How easily can people access cyber security and digital education?

Criminal justice

How effectively does the criminal justice system prosecute crime and process electronic evidence?

Standards and collaboration

To what extent do security practices comply with national and international standards, and what degree of collaboration exists between nations?

Supporting you to build digital resilience

Hostile information operations frequently cause real-world harm, eroding trust in the very systems and institutions designed to protect democracy. Guarding the integrity of the information environment is vital to preserving democratic processes and national security.

We work globally with governments and organisations to design national strategic plans and supporting frameworks. Our world-leading experts will help you build the capability required to map, attribute and counter malign operations in information environments.

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Our process involves the following steps:

1. Measure and analyse - We conduct gap analyses to assess a nation or organisation’s digital risk level and its ability to respond to threats.

2. Envision and plan - We work with national and organisational leads on developing a strategic vision and a supporting implementation plan.

3. Design and build - We establish organisations to implement national strategies, such as cyber security centres and academies.

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Our approach generates stakeholder buy-in and produces long-term digital resilience.

  • Awareness of digital risk and hygiene. We design campaigns that raise national awareness, and more targeted executive awareness campaigns.
  • Education and professional development. Technology is only as useful as the people wielding it. Governments regularly task us with developing national workforce frameworks and bespoke training programmes, informed by comprehensive training-needs analysis. We also design and build national academies and skills training centres.
  • Standards and collaboration. We support countries in building cyber security communities and national and international networks. Past and current projects include the UK-Gulf Women in Cyber Fellowship and the African Cyber Fellowship.

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The work we do

National digital resilience capabilities

Investing in digital resilience is vital to maintaining a nation’s critical functions – protecting stability and security, and supporting daily life.

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National workforces and skills development

The world’s rapid digital transformation calls for nation-states and organisations to ensure a steady supply of skilled workers capable of responding to evolving threats. 

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International partnerships and collaborations

Building collaboration – both nationally and internationally – is vital to disseminating knowledge about how to combat digital threats.

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Global expertise, local knowledge

We work across Latin American, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North America. Our knowledge and understanding of different cultures, regulatory regimes, Critical National Infrastructure, governance models and national security dynamics enables us to provide highly effective consultancy, services and training.

By maintaining optimal situational awareness of threat actors and sector trends, we can deliver effective, affordable services based on clients’ needs and budgets.

A partnership ethos

PGI partners with clients to deliver tailored solutions, fast. We understand that for many clients, digital resilience is too important to be left indefinitely in the hands of external providers, which is why we design capability transfer into all long-term programmes.

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