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Cyber Academy

Building cyber and information security capabilities.

Cyber threats are simply part of doing business in the 21st century. Our clients benefit from our support in the development of their cyber security capabilities. Cyber risk management begins with educating business leaders, giving them an understanding of potential threats so they can appropriately invest in developing their cyber defences, and effectively protect their organisation.

We offer a variety of courses, from awareness training to technical skills education. These courses are designed to enable you to manage your own cyber security capability and increase your staffing resource capacity. By taking awareness training alone, you can reduce your digital risk by up to 80%. We can tailor these courses to suit your organisation’s needs, learning objectives, and can develop career paths of individual employees across a decade of study.

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Cyber security training tailored to your needs

The PGI Cyber Academy works with you to identify knowledge gaps in your organisation, and can undertake a dedicated training needs analysis to develop plans to reduce them. We provide blended learning approaches, from hands-on classroom training to online exercises; we create a realistic cyber training environment.

Our programmes have been implemented by our clients, corporate partners, and core government departments in the UK/Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Protection and Defence courses

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The PGI Cyber Academy delivers training programmes across the spectrum of functions and roles – examples include:

  • Security Operation Centre (SOC) analysts
  • Penetration testersVulnerability assessorsCyber
  • Threat Intelligence analysts
  • Incident response practitioners
  • Digital forensic analysts
  • Operational IT staff
  • Governance, risk and compliance assessor
  • Security architectsAuditors and implementers
  • Project managersExecutive and management
  • Law enforcement, Armed Forces and government staff with cyber security or investigative responsibilities

Cyber security training anywhere

Our clients span the globe so it’s not always practical or financially beneficial for them to travel to us for training, so we offer virtual training alongside our in-person PGI Cyber Academy in Bristol or we can come to you. We have a wealth of experience in designing, building and operating training courses and programmes internationally. We have even developed entire Cyber Academies. It’s all down to your requirements.

These requirements can vary depending on your size, sector, and geographical distribution. Our flexible approach means we can also tailor training to your specific cultural and linguistic requirements.

Whether you are based in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas or Asia-Pacific, our vast experience in international training means we can make our world-class training available to you.


About our trainers

All our specialist trainers operate as industry-accredited, qualified cyber security practitioners.
They have real-world experience working in a multitude of environments, and come from government, commercial and law enforcement backgrounds. This ensures excellent direction and mentoring for early career cyber professionals, and support across assessing and defending against all types of digital threats.


Our training courses are aligned with academic or university partners, as well as CompTIA, CREST, BCS, Cyber Scheme, and NCSC-Assured Training, to ensure we can provide the best training for your cyber and information security capabilities.

Cyber Career Conversion Programmes

Tackling the cyber skills and knowledge gap.
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