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Our experts protect businesses from next-generation threats

We work at the cutting edge of threat detection, continually scanning the horizon for next-generation risks. Using technology to support human insight, our experts build long-range resilience for clients.

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We understand complex bad

Our experienced Digital Investigation Analysts provide contextualised intelligence to disrupt disinformation campaigns. We have run social media monitoring and threat discovery projects in 78 different geographies and 62 languages. We provide ongoing services to social media platforms, multinational corporations, nation states and the UN, EU and USAID. We identify, attribute and contextualise online threats to produce highly targeted, actionable insights.

Countering adversarial organisations

We zero in on complex threat activity from a range of organisations who exploit the digital space to recruit and co-ordinate real-world harm at scale. We track threats and understand their past evolutions, enabling us to anticipate future tactics and activities. We weaken the real-world impact of adversarial groups, protecting companies and citizens.

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Novel and emerging harms

New behaviours proliferate as digital technology develops. Today’s behaviours include doxxing, brigading, mass reporting, griefing, swatting, raiding, and crashing – all of which can, and do, lead to real-world harm. Whether we are assessing state surveillance of human rights activists, military brigading of political opposition groups, or extremist doxxing of citizens based on their gender or sexuality, our team brings unrivalled expertise to tracking and analysing emerging harms across the digital ecosystem.

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National information integrity

The digital threat landscape is constantly changing. Adversarial threat actors are always evolving, developing new and increasingly sophisticated ways to target vulnerable social, ethnic and religious groups online. 

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Countering digital threats in conflict-affected areas 

We are a pioneering global leader in countering digital threats in conflict affected and vulnerable states. Our digital investigations team specialises in identifying, mapping and attributing adversarial social media campaigns run by digital threat actors. We provide clients with a comprehensive appraisal of active threat actors and their behaviours, and then identify ways to reduce their online influence.

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