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Cyber security maturity assessments

Helping you understand how well your organisation is set up to manage corporate cyber risk

Download a shareable Cyber security maturity assessments PDF

We help you implement digital security that works for your organisation using our cyber security maturity assessment.

How well is your organisation set up to manage cyber risk?

Each company has different risks to consider, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cyber and information security doesn’t work and a ‘blanket’ approach is very costly.

Our Cyber Security Maturity Model analyses your organisation’s cyber security and compliance requirements to establish the effectiveness of your current security measures. Our experts use this model to evaluate whether what you’re doing now aligns with organisational maturity targets (which you may base upon risk appetite, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory/legal requirements). Understanding your position highlights areas for improvement and priority of the investment required to keep your data and reputation safe. We believe that there’s no point allocating excessive budget to something if it’s not required.

We have prepared a shareable PDF which you can download here: How well is your organisation set up to manage cyber risk?

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Get the full picture on your cyber security maturity 

The maturity assessment involves comparing your organisation’s current security measures against the criteria of our Cyber Security Maturity Model, which has been developed based on a wide range of security industry standards and best practices, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NISD, GDPR and CIS.

Our consultants will evaluate 139 data points (processes, policies and controls) within 15 key business areas that have a bearing on your company security posture (covering technology, people, processes, and physical security). They score these using a 6-point scale that ranges from 0 (non-existent) to 5 (optimised).

This assessment can take from 3 to 20 days depending on business size and complexity. It includes a detailed report that will clearly show any additional steps needed to meet the maturity levels necessary to achieve your risk management threshold.

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Benefits of assessing your cyber security maturity

Helps you understand the gaps in your processes

The assessment identifies where security measures are less mature than industry accepted good practice and where efforts must be concentrated to improve the organisation’s posture. You should consider undertaking a cyber security maturity assessment if you would like to:

  • Benchmark your security maturity against the rest of your industry
  • Create a stronger security culture within the company
  • Ensure that your organisation is prepared to face the evolving security threat landscape

Because our consultants are external to your organisation, they provide an independent and unbiased view of current maturity levels and recommended actions.

Helps you prioritise investment in security measures

You will be provided with a Cyber Security Maturity Model Assessment Report, detailing the findings, evaluated maturity levels and recommendations. These findings will inform where your organisation should concentrate on improvements and how they should be prioritised.

This can facilitate effective project planning, resource forecasting and budgeting and can serve as a cyber strategy planning tool. This ensures that your team target the right amount of maturity for areas that can create improvement and protect valuable assets.

Facilitates communicating cyber security and information security to management

It is common that executives must reassure and actively provide evidence to customers and stakeholders that appropriate information management safeguards are in place. We provide your organisation’s key decision makers with an independent non-technical explanation of the current cyber maturity levels and recommended actions, in-line with organisational risk appetite and desired maturity.

Upon request, our experienced consultants or CEO can provide a high-level briefing (maximum two hours) to your Senior Leadership Team, summarising the findings of the assessment and recommended actions moving forward.

Get the most out of cyber insurance

Many insurance companies will require an assessment to gauge how mature an organisation’s security measures are. By conducting a cyber security maturity assessment, you put your organisation in the best possible position to demand the best premium from your insurance provider.

Achieve regulatory compliance

For organisations that operate in a regulatory environment, the cyber security maturity model can also be aligned with the relevant frameworks, enabling compliance to be achieved as part of the wider cyber security strategy, without the need for two separate implementations.

Facilitates continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is an important aspect of remaining compliant with a number of regulations; this is why many organisations find benefit in repeating these assessments at regular intervals (e.g. annually). This provides a consistent metric for key stakeholders (e.g. Senior Management, the Board, Regulators, or shareholders) to measure and demonstrate continuing improvement and increasing maturity levels.

Don't wait for a breach to identify areas for improvement

Many organisations only undertake a review of their cyber security capabilities if there is a need to do so—usually when a breach has already occurred. However, the inevitable emergency response environment can skew the balanced risk management judgements that the Maturity Model is designed to inform.

The cost of a breach in the future—which can often run into the hundreds of thousands—far outweighs the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security maturity to reduce the likelihood of a breach.

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Why choose PGI?

Our Cyber Security Maturity Model has been designed to cover the many cyber security and compliance requirements of your business. The expertise of our consultants in cyber security, information security frameworks and maturity assessments means they can accurately and independently assess your organisation’s current cyber maturity levels and provide pragmatic recommendations.

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