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Cyber incident preparedness and response

Reduce the impact of a cyber attack or data breach with the expertise of our Incident Response and cyber security team.


Is your organisation prepared to handle a cyber attack?

Cyber security breaches are inevitable. How your organisation plans for and handles a breach is what matters. Our Incident Response and cyber security experts can help your organisation prepare for, handle, and recover from cyber incidents.

The benefits of a comprehensive incident preparedness approach

You may not have complete control over whether a cyberattack happens to your organisation, but you can control how you plan for, respond to, and recover from these events. An effective incident response plan and a resilient workforce will minimise the impact of a cybersecurity incident and help your organisation to recover.

  • Reduce operational and financial impact - In the event of a cyber attack, the speed of your response and recovery depends on the extent to which you are prepared. Putting in place tried-and-tested Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Crisis Management plans will ensure your business recovers fast with minimal damage and disruption.
  • Comply withregulatory requirements - Regulations such as GDPR and NISD require organisations to respond within 72 hours of a breach. Planning ahead increases the likelihood of your organisation meeting these requirements, avoiding financial penalties and long-term reputational damage.
  • Meet insurance due diligence requirements - As the insurance industry works to better meet the needs of organisations in the 21st century, providers increasingly expect their clients to have a minimum level of digital security in place, including preventative controls and appropriate crisis plans.
  • Reassure suppliers and customers - High profile data breaches have raised general awareness of cyberattacks and the responsibility of organisations to take proper care of their clients’ data. Communicating and showcasing your commitment to cyber security boosts confidence in you and your supply chain, enhancing your reputation in a crowded marketplace.

Currently experiencing a security incident and need immediate assistance?

Our highly trained and CREST-certified Incident Response team is ready to help.

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Incident Response services

Planning an effective response to cyber security incidents requires skills that may not be available in-house. PGI helps you expand your security capability without increasing your organisation's headcount. Our experienced team offers preventative options and response and recovery services. Together, these solutions limit disruption to your business, allowing you to resume normal operations as fast possible.

Cyber incident preparedness

We provide a wide range of bespoke consultancy services to enhance your resilience. From implementing Business Continuity Management Systems and creating incident response plans, to conducting tabletop exercises and cyber simulations, our incident response cyber security experts team have the expertise to help your organisation reduce the impact of a cyber attack and enhance the skills of staff at all levels. 

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Cyber incident response

Rapid action is vital when managing a cyber attack or data breach. Our incident response experts can handle the full cycle of an incident, from confirmation to recovery. We use a variety of approaches to resolve problems in a safe and controlled manner, preventing spread, and minimising data loss and operational downtime.

Cyber emergency responseDigital forensics services
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Following an incident, gaining a comprehensive view of your organisation's vulnerabilities will help protect you against future threats. Running an assessment, such as our Cyber Security Maturity Model (CMM), implementing an appropriate Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), and security testing will help to remediate all vulnerabilities.

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We build long-range digital resilience using tech-assisted human insight.

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Why choose PGI?

Our team understand the importance of a speedy response. We strive to be among the quickest to identify and resolve a data breach to recover operations as fast as possible. We use deep technical expertise and knowledge of the business, legal and regulatory requirements underpinning your operations to provide outstanding service. 

Employing the most advanced data recovery tools and techniques, we support your organisation to restore, resume and recoup. 

PGI's Incident Response services are CREST-certified.

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