Global Leaders In Cyber Security Services,
Corporate Intelligence And Training.

PGI aims to tackle the threats faced by organisations both large and small as well as governments. From cyber security services to business intelligence, our team of world-class experts helps reduce the risks to your finances, physical assets and most of all, people.

Cyber Security Services

Thanks to the extraordinary capability and deep-level expertise drawn from our cyber specialists we deliver straightforward, practical, affordable solutions that are proportionate to each client’s needs; simple or complex.


Our intelligence experts leverage deep geopolitical and industry knowledge to identify and mitigate political, reputational, commercial and security risks for our clients.


Our ability to provide bespoke training, both nationally and globally in our clients’ offices or specialist locations and in our purpose-built Bristol-based Cyber Academy makes us world leaders in cyber and operational training.

Global Risk Consulting

Operating overseas can prove risky for organisations. PGI’s global risk consultants help you make the right choices by providing business intelligence and geopolitical risk analysis to give you the information needed to keep your assets safe.

News & Insights

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