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International partnerships and collaborations

Building collaboration – both nationally and internationally – is vital to disseminating knowledge about how to combat digital threats

Penetration Testing

Facing the digital skills deficit

Often, leaders with a mandate to build capabilities that combat digital threats are also burdened with additional competing portfolios. They are also operating amid a global shortage of appropriately skilled human resource in the digital threat capacity-building arena.

Nation states, multilaterals and non-governmental organisations find themselves with a programme of funding to spend, but little subject matter expertise about how and where to deploy their budget.

This creates an important role for specialist consultants to help leaders guide their investments. 


Building knowledge-sharing communities

PGI works extensively with leaders in 80 geographies, providing vital guidance to decision-makers. Many years of experience in the capacity-building field have honed our process, bringing optimal support to clients. 

Collaborate and connect

Building collaborations with clients enables us to promote awareness of the expertise required to combat digital threat.

Support and solve

We bring immediate help to leaders and decision makers, helping them to understand digital threats and focus on practical solutions.

Building fellowships

We connect individuals tasked with furthering national digital capabilities, ensuring they have the peer support to do their jobs well.

World-beating innovation

PGI’s Build team comprises world-renowned experts in the field of digital security and capacity building. 

We provide a refreshingly dynamic approach, always innovating and remaining agile so that we can rapidly leverage knowledge and resources that maximise national investment capabilities. Our size and global reach help us to offer each client a tailored approach, delivering cost-effective services and solutions.

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