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Practical measures for defending your organisation against digital threats.

Whether you use the term cyber security, digital security, or technical security, we believe in providing simple, effective and affordable solutions that fit your requirements.

Our accreditations and certifications guarantee the highest national and international standards.

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Cyber incident preparedness and response

High profile cyber attacks and data breaches continue to make headlines. These incidents can disrupt operations and damage reputations. Responding to and recovering from a cyber incident presents significant time, resource, and cost challenges for many organisations.

With our assistance, organisations of all sizes will benefit from preparing to manage the disruption, and we are a trusted partner providing certified incident response and digital forensics services to promote an efficient recovery.

We are dedicated to preparing your staff and protecting your assets, offering a wide range of cyber security services, wherever you may be on your digital resilience journey.

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Technical testing

Penetration testing, Cyber Essentials and Phishing Assessments identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your digital security that are putting your business at risk. 

Regular technical security testing is the most effective way to identify and fix gaps before they become problematic.

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Information Assurance consultancy

Our Information Assurance consultants help clients to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their organisation's data and information. 

As well as implementing technical controls, we recommend processes and procedures, which have an equally important role in limiting risk. 

We support our clients to achieve and maintain information security standards and frameworks, including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), and GDPR. 

We also help our clients to assess their current Information and Cyber Security Maturity, providing recommendations for continuous improvement.

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