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National information integrity

An unhealthy information environment affects citizens’ rights and degrades public and civic processes

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Content moderation isn’t enough

Information integrity is about more than content moderation. Debates about disinformation and information pollution often fixate on content and fact-checking, but a social media post or web article is just the end product of a complex information supply chain. Building a resilient information environment requires a broad, holistic approach.

Social media users are frequently unaware of where information is created, by whom, and for what purpose, and yet they are repeatedly targeted by opaque online distribution networks established to dominate discourse, spread hate, silence dissent, or undermine public processes and services such as voting, public health and national infrastructure. In many nations, social media users lack local news sources, have restricted access to information, and are highly vulnerable to manipulation and deception.

Revealing the full picture boosts resilience

PGI helps make sense of the whole information environment. We analyse the downstream consumption patterns of off- and online communities, tracking upstream to detect malign influence campaigns.

We provide clients with insight into the whole information supply chain, letting them see how content is sourced, packaged, distributed and consumed to undermine critical national processes and services. Through research, intelligence reporting and capacity-building programmes, we help clients boost information resilience.

Mapping and measuring

We map information sub-communities, information deserts and communities with restricted access to information. Then we create frameworks to measure the effects of manipulative activity and deceptive practices.

Tracking early signs

Tracking and categorising signs and artefacts of hostile actors and malicious campaigns helps us to detect malign activities early.

Information sharing

We build infrastructure that allows clients to share information, aiding their early identification of malicious campaigns.

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Global reach and local intelligence

PGI has extensive experience of supporting information integrity, having worked in more than 80 geographies and monitored in over 45 different languages and dialects.

We provide our clients with clear, concise research and advice, based on a transparent methodology that is implemented by human analysts rather than by opaque technologies. Our analysts have built a wealth of knowledge about the nuanced signals of malign activity, as well as the unique vulnerabilities, risks and threats facing individual nations – in addition to the common problems that travel across borders.

Our flexible approach has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of how risks and threats have evolved, and how they manifest in different geographies. This enables us to give clients actionable and contextual intelligence, so that they can not only deal with risks and threats in the present, but also plan for those in the future.

Partnering with you to ensure information integrity

Find out how we can help you understand and protect your information environment.

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