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Cyber incident preparedness

Proactive cyber security measures

Download a shareable Incident Preparedness and Response PDF

Incident response should not just be reactive. Effective planning will mean an effective response; minimising the impact of a cyberattack on your operations, reputation and bottom line.

Our team of cyber security and incident response experts have worked with a variety of organisations to help them prepare their teams to handle a cyber attack. We offer a range of operational and strategic services to enhance organisational resilience at all levels. Our offering is bespoke to your organisational needs and industry requirements.

We have prepared a shareable PDF which you can download here: Incident Preparedness and Response

Exercises: Road test your incident preparedness

Table-top exercises and Board briefings. The first time your organisation deals with a crisis should not be a real-world incident. Our table-top exercises provide Boards and leadership teams the opportunity to see if Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Incident Response plans are appropriate for a cyber incident and where there is room for improvement.

Technical exercises. How well would your in-house team put an Incident Response plan into action? Our experts can develop and facilitate scenarios to exercise plans and provide staff the opportunity to review efficacy.

Full-scale simulations. To ensure the response to an incident is effective, it is vital that the key people across the business know how to work together and that the appropriate plans can be actioned. A full-scale simulation provides an opportunity for both management and technical teams to work side by side.

We have prepared a shareable PDF which you can download here: Validating cyber risk management through exercising

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Incident response plans and business continuity

Thorough planning for a crisis decreases the likelihood of costly mistakes – your workforce is only human and, with so many variables, it’s much easier to handle an incident if there is a framework to work from.

We work with both leadership and technical teams to develop effective, tailored incident response and business continuity plans and processes appropriate for a cyber incident response.

Ensuring the continuity of your operations should always be top of mind. We have vast experience supporting organisations with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System implementation and designing incident response plans in line with industry best practice and technical standards.

Our expert team are available to prepare your organisation.

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How does your cyber security measure up?

Cyber security maturity assessments

Our unique maturity assessment will help you gain an understanding of your organisation’s security posture, measured against internationally recognised industry standards. Our tailored approach highlights where improvement is required and where measures in place already are appropriate/proportionate, preventing unnecessary over-investment.

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We access your systems so others can't

Security testing

Our Penetration Testing and Red Team Testing services identify specific weaknesses in hardware, software, or in operational processes. Since 2013, we have been helping organisations of all sizes and types identify, safely exploit, and remediate technical vulnerabilities before malicious attackers can gain access and compromise their information assets.

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Why work with PGI?

Our CREST-certified team have deep technical knowledge and understands the business, legal and regulatory requirements that underpin your operations. We are dedicated to protecting your assets, offering a wide range of response and recovery services that limit disruption

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We build long-range digital resilience using tech-assisted human insight.

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