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National digital resilience capabilities

Investing in digital resilience is vital to maintaining a nation’s critical functions – protecting stability and security, and supporting daily life.


Keeping up with change

As digitisation continues its lightning speed development, the digital threat landscape is evolving at the same rate. The swift pace of change has left many governments scrambling to prepare for risks to technical infrastructure and information environments.

Threats range from ransomware attacks that paralyse parts of an energy grid, through to disinformation campaigns that distort national elections. Responding effectively to diverse risks requires nations to continuously appraise and invest in their own capabilities.


Protection as the priority

PGI provides outstanding expertise in digital resilience, honed through leading more than 30 national capability development projects in over 80 countries. Our highly bespoke client-centred approach results in programmes that can keep pace with global threats and opportunities, as well as balancing national priorities and constraints.

Our agility, national expertise and technical skills helps us to deliver sustainable digital resilience across the breadth of national priority arenas.

Leveraging expertise

We build national cybersecurity capabilities that protect assets and information environments, incorporating lessons-learned to prepare for future threats. We create:

1. National cyber strategies

2. Counter-disinformation capabilities

3. Regional partnerships and supportive networks.

Protect and educate

Our country-relevant programmes protect critical national infrastructure and processes. Our community-building, mentoring approach develops the digital skills and expertise of future generations. We provide:

1. Five-year skills and workforce plans

2. National cyber-security academies

3. Upskilled national trainers.

Connect and build

We establish and convene ecosystems of stakeholders, on the basis of their ability to deploy multidisciplinary, whole-of-society approaches to digital security. We create and grow specialist forums and networks, training and mentoring members on behalf of national governments.

Trusted worldwide by global leaders

PGI is globally renowned for our ingenuity, agility and a client-centred approach. 

We have built our reputation through a strong track record working for the UK and aligned governments, enhancing global digital resilience. Our work is rooted in the concepts of good governance and transparent conduct.

We shape sustainable and relevant interventions that offer clients a clear pathway to migrate away from any dependence on PGI. Our emphasis on self-sufficiency helps protect our trusted advisor role in delivering highly effective outcomes.

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