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Countering adversarial organisations

Adversarial organisations encompass a wide range of groups including violent extremists, armed militia, human traffickers and drug cartels. Together, they present a rapidly growing threat to online safety, exploiting the digital space to recruit and coordinate real-world harm at scale.

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From digital realm to real-world risk

Adversarial organisations try to evade detection by evolving how they operate, including methods of communication. Previously threat actors used code words and veiled phrases – known as leetspeak – when organising real world harm. But after detection techniques caught on to coded online language, groups turned to emojis to imply harm – as seen during the Brazilian insurrection in 2023. Inevitably, adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) will soon evolve again.

By tracking threats over time, we can anticipate future tactics and activities, weakening the real-world impact of adversarial groups. This improves citizens’ safety and the integrity of legitimate organisations around the world.

Zeroing in on threat activity

PGI works with clients to detect, protect, and build defences against adversarial organisations. Our unique process creates strategic advantages for clients looking to control the effects of threat groups.

Initiate tracking

Innovative and adaptable methodologies allow close tracking of ever-evolving adversarial threats.

Observe and analyse
We analyse and report on all aspects of activity, highlighting indications that an entity is becoming a more capable threat actor.

Control and mitigate
We identify ways to reduce the influence of adversarial organisations, assisting in removing harmful networks from social media platforms.

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A uniquely agile approach

PGI’s unrivalled understanding of contemporary adversarial threats is informed by over two decades’ experience tracking the global evolution of threat activities. Our vast knowledge-base enables us to anticipate future trajectories, remaining in lockstep with even the most agile threat groups.

We bring informed scenario planning into all our threat assessments, helping clients understand real world risks and impacts. This future-focused, past-informed approach helps clients pre-empt and respond to the earliest warning signs – protecting lives, liberty, and reputations.


Partnering with you to ensure information integrity

Find out how we can help you understand and protect your information environment.

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