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The PGI Cyber Academy provides essential Cyber and Information Security training for business and government professionals. PGI’s clients ensure their cyber capability is as effective as possible using education tailored to their workforce, for multiple skills levels within suitable cyber career streams, to combat the growing cyber threat in all industry sectors.

Cyber Security training tailored to your needs

The PGI Cyber Academy is able to work with you to identify various cyber skills and knowledge gaps in your organisation and provide a dedicated training needs analysis to reduce those gaps. The PGI Cyber Academy uses blended learning approaches including hands-on, practical classroom training, online and immersive exercising, using our powerful and realistic cyber training environment.

Alongside our purpose-built infrastructure, the PGI Cyber Academy provides expert coaching and mentoring by industry professionals who engage with cyber threats affecting organisations daily.


As a global company we understand that it is not always practical or cost effective for you to send your people across the world to attend training courses. This is why we can deliver training either in the UK or oversees, wherever requested by our clients. We are highly experienced at designing, building and operating Cyber Academies, regardless of their size or scale;

We understand that cyber training needs vary considerably according to organisations’ size, sector and geographical distribution. Our flexible approach and capability means that we can tailor our training to your specific cultural or linguistic requirements.

Whether you are based in Europe, the Middle East, Americas or Asia, our vast experience in international training means we can bring our world class training to you.

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Our specialist trainers are industry accredited cyber-security professionals and operate as current cyber-practitioners.

They have real-world experience working in a multitude of industries and environments, assessing and defending against the most common or advanced threats. They bring a wealth of experience from government, commercial or law enforcement backgrounds, which when combined allows for excellent direction, mentoring and support for a cyber professional to learn and seek guidance of.

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All our courses meet the nationally set standards and accreditations and, where appropriate, align themselves with the excellent work on cyber or information security careers that is conducted by our partners such as Cyber Security Challenge, Tigerscheme, CREST, as GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) and with universities and apprenticeships.

Take a look at our extensive range of training courses designed to help your organisation understand and combat cyber security threats.

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PGI's Cyber Academy delivers training programmes across the spectrum of skills and roles:

  • Incident Response Practitioners
  • SOC Staff
  • Penetration Testers
  • Executive & Managers
  • IT Functional
  • Auditors & Risk assessors
  • Police & Government Cyber Training

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