PGI offers an extensive range of cyber security and information security, and intelligence training. Our expert trainers—who also continue to work in their chosen fields—provide a combination of hands-on and theory-based training, enhanced with real-world insights that give learners the skills and knowledge they need to add value to their organisations as quickly as possible.

Cyber and information security training

PGI helps clients in all industry sectors build their cyber capability—to combat the growing cyber threat as effectively as possible—using education tailored to their workforce, for multiple skills levels within suitable cyber career streams.

Our state-of-the-art Cyber Academy education and technology has been developed to increase or develop the skills needed for various cyber and information security competencies. It is the perfect environment from which our experienced trainers can provide essential cyber and information security training and expertise for business and government professionals, allowing practitioner skills be to developed effectively using environments similar to those faced in industry.

Intelligence training

From operational security to source handling courses, our intelligence team provide tradecraft training that gives participants the hands-on experience they need in order to put their skills into practice immediately.

PGI training options

  • Cyber and Information Security training

    Our extensive range of training covers the breadth of cyber security; from awareness training—that can reduce the risk by as much as 80%—to technical skills training that enables organisations to manage their own cyber security capability.

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  • Cyber Career Conversion Programmes

    PGI Cyber Academy’s conversion programmes provide our clients with skilled, qualified and hungry cyber security practitioners.

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  • Security and Intelligence training

    Intelligence in the 21st Century requires a mix of traditional and digital approaches. Our team teach the skills your organisation needs to succeed.

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Why choose PGI training?

PGI training courses have been developed by our highly-qualified cyber security and intelligence practitioners to ensure learners develop practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately within the industry.

We work with organisations to identify training needs and how to fill skills and knowledge gaps, and determine long term career paths.

Our breadth of experience operating in the UK and internationally has given us an in-depth understanding of different cultures, regulatory regimes, Critical National Infrastructure governance models and national security dynamics.

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