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Executive Cyber Awareness

Our Executive Cyber Awareness training course provides board members or business leaders with the knowledge and relevant context to grasp organisational critical technical and people factors, involving cyber security.


This training is available in a 1-day format, or alternatively we can work with you to determine the appropriate message and critical learning outcomes tailored to your audience – and within a suitable duration that fits around participant availability.

This training can be delivered virtually, at our London or Bristol facilities, or at our clients’ premises.


Helping you become better informed of critical business risks associated with cyber security – enabling you to make proportional, impactful decisions.


Business leaders who may or may not have an information security background, but who have the opportunity to shape and determine their organisation’s cyber security strategy, investment and culture. Examples might include:

  • Executives, directors or senior management from public, commercial and corporate sector organisations.
  • Shareholders and business owners/leaders.
  • C-level professionals.
  • Risk owners.
Learning outcomes
  • Gain insight to the global cyber threat landscape and real-world consequences of ignoring corporate risk.
  • Determine which cyber security risks apply to an organisation – including reputational, operational or financial risks
  • Translate how real-world hacking case studies or data breaches relate to an organisation’s cyber security posture and maturity.
  • Discover the methodologies an attacker might adopt to breach security and to expand access within an organisation’s network.
  • Demystify cyber security industry jargon and associated media hype – including understanding what malware is and what it’s capable of.
  • Understand various cyber security defence strategies, measures, capabilities or operations that are possible to invest or implement into an organisation.

There are no prerequisite skills or knowledge required for this training; for virtual/remote training, good internet connection/sufficient bandwidth is required, with full audio and video capability.


This training is typically tailored to an industry or for a defined audience with various durations. Example topics include:

  • Definitions
  • Headline Macro ‘Cyber’ Risks
  • What is the risk to my industry/sector?
  • Threat Actors and Motivations
  • Common Access Techniques – how are organisations being attacked?
  • Emerging Legislation and Compliance
  • Corporate Management of Cyber Security
  • Maturity Driven Investment
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Operational Cyber Security Capabilities.
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Security Strategies