What is wireless testing?

Wireless testing is a niche form of penetration testing that focuses exclusively on identifying and minimising risks associated with your organisation’s wireless network.

Conducted out on site, our consultants search for weak spots within the network that could act as an unauthorised access point for hackers. There are many possible weak spots – such as insecure passwords and WPA key vulnerabilities – which can leave a seemingly secure wireless network open to inside or outside threat.

Benefits of wireless testing

Wireless networks are an integral component of business infrastructure, but one with unique risks, as it’s often shared with approved external stakeholders and is visible to the public at large. For example, look at the number of networks you can see on your smartphone right now.

When working with leading security experts, such as the team here at PGI, businesses will also benefit from full reporting and thorough feedback. This helps to improve understanding of wireless security and ensure the most suitable, appropriate and effective measures are being taken to reduce risk and strengthen wireless protocols.

Wireless testing can:

  • Minimise your vulnerability to sophisticated threats
  • Offer a safe and secure way to use wireless and Bluetooth technologies
  • Help you to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to security to your customers
  • Provide the foundations for building a strong wireless infrastructure
  • Boost awareness of wireless security within the workplace

Is wireless testing right for you?

  • Understand the weaknesses Read more Read less

    It is important to note that the potential vulnerabilities that exist within wireless networks are unique. This makes them very different to the types of weaknesses that can sometimes be found within other areas of a typical IT setup.

    Therefore, it is recommended that wireless testing is included as part of any organisation’s regular penetration testing schedule.

  • Eliminate the weaknesses Read more Read less

    Many weaknesses and possible gateways can easily be overlooked when setting up a wireless network, which is why wireless testing is more accurate when undertaken by IT security experts.

    These weaknesses, which can pose a risk to what should be a safe and secure network, include rogue access points, a lack of data encryption, possible duplicate networks, and continued use of default setups. Wireless testing is an effective method used to address vulnerabilities before they pose a real problem.

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We use the most effective methods to identify vulnerabilities, without disrupting operations, allowing us to highlight problem areas and work with you to identify the most suitable solutions.

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