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What is an IT Health Check?

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An IT Health Check is an annual assessment required for public sector organisations using the government’s Public Services Network (PSN). It examines all aspects of IT security to ensure that any weaknesses and vulnerabilities are identified and managed, with a focus on security or operational flaws that could potentially result in unauthorised access points to the network and place the integrity of the PSN at risk.

The IT Health Check certification was primarily designed as a method of maintaining high levels of security for businesses tasked with storing, handling, and managing particularly sensitive data relating to public services. These include schools, NHS centres, councils, and other government, education, or healthcare bodies.

What are the benefits?

The government-mandated IT Health Check involves one of our security experts identifying any technical weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious attackers. We will then provide a report which includes strategies on how to strengthen your defences.

The IT Health Check is tailored to each organisation depending on scope, but a typical assessment looks like:

  • Internal and external network security
  • Wireless network security
  • Security of web applications and servers
  • Existing configurations
  • Mobile device management
  • Security controls, protocols, and processes

Easily understand and fix vulnerabilities – Your IT Health Check reports meet the criteria for certification, covering aspects such as type and severity of issues identified, full explanation of vulnerabilities present, and recommendations for effective remedial solutions that can be implemented.

Prove you’re compliant – An IT Health Check provides the opportunity to undertake a tailored risk assessment for total reassurance that your networks are safe, secure, and difficult to infiltrate, so that specialist or sensitive data is protected.

Do I need an IT Health Check?

The IT Health Check is a mandatory requirement for any central or local government body or public sector organisation needing to use the PSN. Organisations will only be granted access once they have an IT Health Check certification (renewed annually) by an approved, recognised assessor.

Why choose PGI?

We view your IT setup from an alternative perspective. With years of experience in the field of security and IT management, our team have gained a unique insight into the opportunities that attackers are looking for and which aspects of your system they view as a possible weakness. Beyond compliance, our team of experts offer peace of mind, ensuring that your networks are secure and resilient. Talk to us to get started on your IT Health Check, or for more information.