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What is Infrastructure Testing?


Infrastructure Testing is an aspect of penetration testing that is often overlooked by organisations who are looking at improving their cyber security. You may not know how it works, or how it differs from other forms of cyber security, so we’ve asked Principal Penetration Tester Shakeel Ahmed to shed some light on it.

What is Infrastructure Testing?

It does what it says on the tin; Infrastructure Testing is a test of your infrastructure. That means that your IT system is looked at as a whole to assess your existing security measures, find potential vulnerabilities, and highlight areas for improvement. We use industry leading methodologies to run these tests and help you keep every aspect of your IT environment secure and protected from malicious exploitation. This includes both hardware and software, so it’s incredibly thorough.

What are the different types of Infrastructure Testing?

When we run infrastructure testing, we assess the following:

  • External Infrastructure Testing – this is all your public-facing aspects of your infrastructure, your website or customer portals etc.
  • Internal Infrastructure Testing – The internal network which could be exploited by a malicious insider.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Testing – An assessment of the security surrounding your cloud computing services, especially data storage.
  • Wireless Infrastructure Testing – Evaluating the security of the wireless infrastructure to ensure its security from external threats as well as correct segregation, such as corporate and guest Wi-Fi.

What are the benefits of Infrastructure Testing?

Technology develops rapidly, so it makes sense that management of cyber risk does too. Ensuring that your organisation’s infrastructure is secure against malicious attacks has never been more important. Infrastructure testing is an essential part of penetration testing assessments as it’s one of the most effective ways to mitigate risks to both your internal and external IT environments.

How do I know if Infrastructure Testing is right for my organisation?

By treating your security assessment as a holistic exercise, dedicated infrastructure testing is included. This aspect of testing provides our consultants with vital information; this allows us to give you the guidance to reinforce any weaknesses or vulnerabilities we find.

We give all-round protection. With the average business IT infrastructure compromising many different pieces of hardware and software, just a single security flaw could have wide-reaching consequences for the whole system, potentially affecting operations.

We believe that identifying these flaws before they can be exploited is key to maintaining a solid, secure IT infrastructure, so you will always receive expert support from our consultants.

Are you ready for an Infrastructure Test?

If you have any questions about our Infrastructure Testing or any of our other services, or would like to learn more about our consultants here at PGI, please get in touch with us and speak with one of the team.