Our Intelligence specialists provide business intelligence and geopolitical risk analysis to multinational corporations and governments worldwide. Our aim is to help our clients navigate the complex and uncertain global, 24/7 digital world, enabling them to understand and manage their risk exposure and ensure operational resilience.

Trained in advanced intelligence exploitation and research techniques, our team use their specialist knowledge of geopolitics, sectors and regions to identify political, reputational, commercial and security risks. This knowledge combination helps us provide all-important context around global activity, from elections to protests, making it possible to turn nuance and insight into actionable client strategy.

Our intelligence team is made up of specialists with decades of experience, who have lived and worked all over the globe. We speak 16 languages and come from a range of professional backgrounds, including government, corporate, political risk, investigative journalism, public policy, intelligence and academia. We also draw on a global network of in-country associates, who each complement our world-class analysis and quality assurance procedures.

Whether your organisation is operating in the commercial, political or governmental world, our knowledge and capabilities provide the intelligence you need to avoid the risks and uncertainties that threaten your operations.

Our intelligence services include:

  • Digital investigations and Social media intelligence Show more Show less

    Our Intelligence and Digital Investigations Analysts use their open source intelligence skills to identify, gather, map, analyse and attribute intelligence signals that may be a risk to business operations or personnel safety. This is not an automated monitoring service; our experience and knowledge enable us to make sense of how various threat groups use social media—from terrorist recruitment to disinformation campaigns—and how this can impact business operations and wider activities.

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  • Online corporate intelligence Show more Show less

    Our analysts gather the critical intelligence required to help you manage those risks. In the process, we help you understand the nuances and trends that provide the ever-important context. Our goal is to help you make the correct strategic decisions that factor in sector-specific requirements as well as your organisation’s risk appetite and threat profile. We can scale from a red flag review to a detailed assessment of a company, dependent on requirements.

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  • Geopolitical risk intelligence Show more Show less

    Organisations with global footprints are required to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape. To keep people and assets safe and ensure uninterrupted operations, understanding that landscape is vital. However, just having information about an incident or being aware of an upcoming event isn’t enough. To use this information to your advantage in short- and long-term business planning it must be analysed to make sense of the nuances and turn it into actionable intelligence.

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