Understanding the NIS Directive (NISD) and how to be compliant [Video]

Understanding the NIS Directive (NISD) and how to be compliant [Video]

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In this video, PGI’s Managing Director of Cyber, Brian Lord discusses the basics of the NIS Directive (NISD), the concerns and risks, and how to begin the process of becoming compliant without reinventing the wheel or implementing an unnecessary or expensive framework.

NISD—which came into force in May 2018—concerns operational resilience in the face of technological disruption.

It is a baseline level cyber security requirement for Operators of Essential Services that are reliant on technology for delivery. The sectors within the scope of the Directive include, water distribution, transport, energy, health, and digital infrastructure/services.

Organisations that meet the thresholds of the framework will need to adhere to the controls put in place by their sector-specific competent authority (read our NISD 101 here). Those that fall below should also be aware as the thresholds will be reviewed on a regular basis.

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