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  • 09-12-2020

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Iran – December 2020

    US President-elect Joe Biden aims to restart talks with Tehran over a 2015 nuclear that outgoing President Donald Trump… Read More

  • 30-08-2019

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: UAE seeks better ties with Iran in bid to contain escalating Gulf crisis

    Since May, Iran has pursued a confrontational approach in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (I… Read More

  • 17-05-2019

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Iran – Further attacks on oil sector likely amid heightened tensions in Gulf region

    The recent attacks on oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and the UAE illustrate the vulnerability of the regional oil an… Read More

  • 10-05-2018

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Iran – US exit from nuclear deal to fuel investor uncertainty

    In a widely expected move, US President Donald Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the nuclear deal and would… Read More

  • 14-03-2018

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Iran – Trump likely to exit nuclear deal as May deadline nears

    US President Donald Trump appears increasingly likely to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated between Iran and… Read More

  • 20-04-2017

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Iran – Rouhani faces rising challenges ahead of May election

    Moderate President Hassan Rouhani is the favourite to win the election on 19 May, although recent criticism on his econo… Read More

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