Q1 2019 Geopolitical Risk Forecast now available

Q1 2019 Geopolitical Risk Forecast now available

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This quarter, our Intelligence experts have identified significant ratings changes across all regions.

The Forecast details five threat rating changes that our Geopolitical Risk team has implemented over the past quarter; features thirty themes on the watch list; and a summary of key dates to be aware of in the next three months.

You can now purchase the full Q1 Quarterly Geopolitical Forecast; it is available as a subscription or as a standalone product. If you would you like to see a sample of the Forecast you can download the At-a-Glance version, here.

What is the Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast?

Because many of PGI’s clients need to know what’s happening around the globe, our analysts are always monitoring global events and geopolitical activity.

As part of this process, PGI’s experienced intelligence experts consolidate all the key information about countries that have evidenced a changing threat environment for the PGI Quarterly Geopolitical Forecast.

This Forecast aims to provide an in-depth information for organisations with global operations to ensure the safety of their people and continuity of projects and commercial relationships.

What’s in the Forecast?

The Forecast is structured by region and provides an assessment of countries that have experienced a changing threat environment, and forecasts expectations for the next quarter. Content is produced by regional specialists from our in-house Intelligence department. The full document will cover:

Threat Changes: An assessment of a change in the quantitative risk score given to a country in the past quarter.  

Watch List: Current or forecast trends or upcoming events that could change the threat environment within a country during the next quarter.

Key dates: Key political, religious and cultural dates and events to be aware of which could be of interest or pose a risk.

Trend Changes: An analysis of trend changes across the Risk Portal’s 8 security and 3 business threat categories. 

Our Intelligence specialists provide corporate intelligence and geopolitical risk analysis to multinational corporations and governments worldwide. Our aim is to help our clients navigate the complex and uncertain global, 24/7 digital world, enabling them to understand and manage their risk exposure and ensure operational resilience. Contact us to discuss how we can help: intel@pgitl.com

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