MEDIA RELEASE: Protection Group International (PGI) teams up with the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre

MEDIA RELEASE: Protection Group International (PGI) teams up with the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre

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PGI is delighted to announce that it has become an official Trusted Partner of the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) in order to better help businesses achieve cyber resilience.

As a private sector partner of the ECRC, PGI’s cyber security experts will be recommended to members if they would like to attain the Cyber Essentials certification or should they come up against a cyber security problem outside the scope of the ECRC’s mandate.

PGI’s Director of Cyber Operations, Dr Meredith Patton is proud to be considered a Trusted Partner.

“Embedding good cyber security is just another element of managing business risk and ensuring operational resilience and is important regardless of the size and type of organisation because the damage a cyberattack can cause is wide-reaching, including financial loss and reputational damage,” Dr Patton said.

“Cybercriminals are always looking to steal money directly (often via phishing or Business Email Compromise scams) and indirectly by stealing sensitive data, such as customer information or IP, which they can sell or ransom.

“It’s vital to be aware that every business is a target; regardless of size and sector, but many organisations, especially SMEs, often downplay the threat of cybercriminals because they are concerned at the potential complexity or expense of implementing cyber security, or because they don’t believe they are a likely target for cybercriminals.

“PGI would like to help people understand that effective cyber security doesn’t have to be complex or hugely expensive.

“PGI helps organisations of all sizes manage their cyber risks through activities such as setting up Information Security Management Systems, security testing, Incident Response and digital forensics, as well as achieving the Cyber Essentials certification, and compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, NHS DSPT and PCI DSS,” she said.

Paul Lopez, Director for the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC), added that he is thrilled to have PGI on board as a Trusted Partner.

“It will be an invaluable asset for our members who will be able to have world-class experts providing them with excellent guidance on cyber security practices,” Mr Lopez said.

“Our group of Trusted Partners are official providers of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate which help guard against cyber threats.

“Working with PGI’s team of very talented specialists will be hugely beneficial to all organisations which choose to sign up to the ECRC,” he said.

ECRC is a not-for-profit policing-led partnership with the private sector and academia, and exists to help businesses and charities across the UK to protect themselves from cybercrime, a growing threat that around half of all businesses experienced in the last year.

It is part of a wider national network being established across England and Wales to provide businesses with an affordable level of support and access to trusted suppliers, like PGI.

Core Membership of the ECRC is free and offers businesses access to a range of NCSC resources and tools to help them identify their risks and vulnerabilities, as well as providing guidance on the steps they can take to defend their information assets, operations, and people.

For more information about the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre, visit the website here.

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