Protection Group International (PGI) partners with althaus digital to provide world-class cyber security training to UK apprentices

Protection Group International (PGI) partners with althaus digital to provide world-class cyber security training to UK apprentices

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As part of its mission to reduce the cyber security skills gap globally, PGI have partnered with digital apprenticeship provider, althaus to make its world-class training accessible to apprentice level learners in the UK.

PGI will provide the specialist content and expert trainers for the soon-to-be launched Level 3 Cyber Security Technician Apprenticeship programme.

PGI’s Director of Cyber Operations, Dr Meredith Patton believes that making hands-on cyber security training available at apprenticeship level is going to make a significant difference to reducing the cyber security skills gap.

“At the moment, the real-world based training that aligns with what the industry requires isn’t as prevalent as it needs to be. Theorical learning is important, but being able to put that theory into practice in scenarios organisations are really up against is vital,” Dr Patton said.

althaus CEO, Pete Buller is thrilled to be working with PGI to provide high-quality training that will give learners and their employers access to the digital skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

“Cyber security is now considered the greatest single threat to organisations worldwide and the skills gap in UK businesses is getting bigger, so trained staff are in increasingly high demand,” Mr Buller said.

“We’re on a mission to address the cyber skills gap by means of exciting and inclusive digital apprenticeship opportunities.

“Partnering with Protection Group International brings industry expertise to our courses and ensures our curriculum and content is continuously being updated to meet the latest skills gaps identified in UK organisations,” he said.

The bespoke apprenticeship programme includes desirable training material, already being used by PGI’s learners/alumni to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work more effectively in the cyber security industry.

It is also preparing learners to acquire sought after BCS, CREST and CompTIA qualifications.

A mentorship element, which gives learners access to specialists who have strong cyber security expertise from time in the field, provides another layer of support and context that further strengthens their knowledge before entering the industry.

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