PayPal users targeted in new phishing campaign

PayPal users targeted in new phishing campaign

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A new phishing campaign has been identified this week that is targeting PayPal customers.

In what is now a relatively common technique, the email alerts the recipient that a transaction on their account cannot be verified, or that a payment process cannot be completed. The message goes on to claim that the account password has been changed and provides a link that directs a recipient to a fake PayPal “resolution centre” landing page. As you might expect, the malicious page then requests specific personal information from the victim.

Thankfully, due to cyber awareness campaigns, the public are increasingly aware of such phishing campaigns and the number of victims being deceived is gradually decreasing.

These unauthorised transaction-type messages are also often sent out purporting to be from a range of major online retailers including Apple, Amazon and eBay. Just this week, one of PGI’s employees received a fraudulent message about a fake eBay transaction, but they correctly identified the realistic-looking email as a fake.

Any emails you receive that request you to follow a link before entering personal credentials is often an indicator of a phishing attack and we encourage particular vigilance to such emails during the busy festive season.

Further information on how to spot these fraudulent messages, and advice on where to report them, are available here.

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