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  • 10-01-2020

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Iraq – Further direct confrontation unlikely between Was...

    A US drone strike killed former Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad on 3 January. I… Read More

  • 09-01-2020

    - Intelligence - Risk portal

    Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast: Q1 2020 at a glance

    In this edition of the PGI Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast, civil unrest is the most prominent theme. Several prote… Read More

  • 19-12-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Ukraine -Conflict to continue amid limited progress in peace t...

    Talks between Kyiv and Moscow in Paris on 9 December failed to make significant progress over the Ukrainian separatist c… Read More

  • 10-12-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Burkina Faso -Security conditions likely to deteriorate furthe...

    An escalation in militancy in 2019 has left large rural northern and eastern areas of Burkina Faso largely outside of ce… Read More

  • 04-12-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Spain – Stable government unlikely following inconclusiv...

    The ruling socialist PSOE party has struggled to form a stable government amid divisions between potential coalition par… Read More

  • 29-11-2019

    - Data protection - DSPT - Information security

    Changes to the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) for 2019/2020

    Keeping data safe is an ongoing process—once a regulation or process is in place, the body responsible for monitoring co… Read More

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