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  • 31-03-2020

    - Cyber security

    (COVID-19) رصد ومراقبة مخاطر الأمن السيراني في ظل أزمة فيروس الكورونا

    إحذر أهم الممارسات والأساليب التي يتبعها القراصنة لجذب وإستغلال الضحايا أثناء أزمة #الكورونا… Read More

  • 16-03-2020

    - Cyber security - Technology

    Cyber security and working from home

    With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), there are an increasing number of employees working from home—either to… Read More

  • 16-03-2020

    - Cyber security

    الأمن السيبراني والعمل من المنزل

    اليكم بعض المقترحات الرئيسية والتعديلاي التي يمكن للشركات أن تتخذها أو تتبعها وبشكل سلس وممأسس لضمان الامن السيبراني أثن… Read More

  • 04-03-2020

    - Intelligence

    COVID-19 Update: Economy impacts

    The COVID-19 outbreak has already had a negative impact on the global economy. Businesses in different sectors and count… Read More

  • 27-02-2020

    - Data protection - DSPT - Information security

    Simplifying your DSPT submission [Infographic]

    There are steps you can take to reduce that burden and PGI can work with you to help identify what additional accreditat… Read More

  • 19-02-2020

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Yemen -Violence likely to worsen amid ineffective diplomacy

    Yemen has seen a wave of renewed violence between Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led coalition, which is allied with the co… Read More

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