PGI partners with the IASME Consortium on cyber security campaign offering help to charities

PGI partners with the IASME Consortium on cyber security campaign offering help to charities

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Protection Group International (PGI) is proud to be partnering with IASME Consortium—the recognised partner for the Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme—on the upcoming Cyber Secure Charities campaign – 8 to 12 November, 2021.

This week-long campaign is aimed at encouraging registered charities to improve their resilience to digital threats by implementing the Cyber Essentials certification, which focuses on implementation of simple controls in five core technical areas: anti-malware, access control, patching, secure configuration and firewalls.

PGI and IASME are offering discounted Cyber Essential certifications to help charities ensure that they have effective cyber protections in place—demonstrating to all stakeholders that the protection of their data and funds are vital.

PGI’s Director of Cyber Operations, Dr Meredith Patton believes that ongoing events serve as a reminder to put priority on reviewing an organisation’s cyber security.

“The headline-dominating cyber-attack on cloud-computer provider Blackbaud in 2020, in particular, highlighted that charities are facing significant cyber threats due to the wide range of personal, financial and commercial data they hold, as well as the all-important funds they raise for vital causes in our communities,” Dr Patton said.

“This is further exacerbated by the need for employees and volunteers to work remotely in the midst of the COVID crisis.

“The five key security measures that the Cyber Essentials certification focuses on will help prevent the majority of internet born attacks. This is why Cyber Essentials is already a prerequisite for many government and private sector tenders,” she said.

Dr Emma Philpott MBE, CEO of IASME Consortium, speaks of the importance of the #cybersecurecharities campaign.

“Charities play a key part in our society and, literally, every penny matters! Yet their increasing reliance on technology leaves them vulnerable to everyday cyber threats and puts their mission at risk,” Dr Philpott said.

“This campaign is designed to save third-sector organisations money on their assessments, and the proven measures they will be assessed against will play a key role in helping secure the data and finances that are fundamental to every charity.

“I’m delighted that so many of our Certification Bodies have joined us in making cyber security accessible to such an important sector,” she said.

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