Cyber Awareness Month 2018 at PGI

Cyber Awareness Month 2018 at PGI

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Given the nature of what we do, it’s always Cyber Awareness Month at PGI. But, because October is Cyber Awareness Month for everyone else, we wanted to share an overview of the useful resources we have developed to help you do business securely.

10 steps to Cyber Security

Do you know you need to “do something about cyber” but don’t know where to start? In these posts, we take you through the key steps for ensuring your business is prepared for cyber threats, like phishing and malware attacks.

Social Engineering: Your online profiles can be used against you

Social media profiles are the starting point for malicious parties to research you, your team and your company. That doesn’t mean everyone needs to close their profiles down, but it does mean those with social media accounts will need to be aware of the risks. Arm yourself with the knowledge to prepare yourself with this article.

Are you ready to be hacked?

Cyber security and data breaches are becoming increasingly common and for many businesses it’s about when, not if. With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared. But what does that mean? This article takes you through the key touch points for preparing your organisation and knowing what to look for.

Password hygiene

Passwords are usually the gateway to your information so knowing what makes a good password and how you should deal with passwords is key to keeping your organisation safe. These articles will help you create strong passwords and ensure you’re using them correctly. These are must-read articles for every member of your organisation.

Your cyber security doesn’t have to cost the earth

There’s a perception that in order to “do” cyber security well, you need a big budget.  This isn’t necessarily true. There are a number of things every business can do to promote good cyber security, protect the business and reduce the risk of a data breach. Importantly, spending some time to secure your business will far outweigh the costs of a cyber security breach.

Are you cyber aware?

Cyber Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your cyber security measures and review how you can strengthen your defences.

If you’re ready to take start taking steps towards protecting your business from cyber threats, contact the PGI team to set up a FREE 15-minute scoping call. We can help you identify your weaknesses and develop your cyber security strategy.

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