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  • 14-04-2021


    MEDIA RELEASE: Protection Group International (PGI) and Adeptis Group announce cyber training academy partnership

    PGI has partnered with leading cyber security risk, forensics and digital technology recruitment firm, Adeptis Group to… Read More

  • 18-03-2021


    MEDIA RELEASE: PGI Cyber Academy announces CREST-Approved training

    PGI Cyber Academy adds its Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager training to its growing list of CREST-Approved cyber securi… Read More

  • 04-09-2020


    MEDIA RELEASE: AGH and PGI announce next stage of cyber academy partnership

    The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and British cyber security company, PGI (Protection Group Interna… Read More

  • 02-07-2020

    Cyber security

    The cost-effective way to address cyber security skills and diversity gaps

    We're working towards filling the security workforce skills and diversity gap with our cyber security career conversions… Read More

  • 18-06-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: Applying the study in the real world

    Steve McMunn, Penetration Tester If you’ve been following along so far, I introduced myself in this blog post about conv… Read More

  • 19-05-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: From Veteran to Penetration Tester

    The newest member of the PGI team shares his journey from Army weapons specialist to penetration tester. Read More

  • 13-05-2020

    Information security

    Use lockdown to boost your information security career

    Preparing for the next step in your career is easier said than done. CPD and other professional development options are… Read More

  • 08-10-2019


    MEDIA RELEASE: تطلق الحكومة البريطانية المركز العُماني الرقميبوجود البرنامج التدريبي على الأمن السيبراني

    م إطلاق المركز العُماني الرقمي هذا الشهر بالتعاون مع الحكومة البريطانية، حيث يهدف المركز الى تعزيز سبل التعاون بين الممل… Read More

  • 08-10-2019


    MEDIA RELEASE: UK Oman Digital Hub launches with PGI Cyber Security Training

    The UK Oman Digital Hub was launched this month. It aims to enhance collaboration in technology and education between th… Read More

  • 22-09-2019


    MEDIA RELEASE: KADDB Cyber Security Academy teaches first national cyber security technical skills programme

    PGI is delighted that after a year of development—working alongside the KADDB team—cyber security trainers from KADDB’s… Read More

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