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  • 26-05-2021

    Cyber security

    How much data is your organisation leaking without realising it?

    Like the pipe with a slow drip that seems to be impacting your water bill, sometimes data leakage can go unnoticed for a… Read More

  • 18-06-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: Applying the study in the real world

    Steve McMunn, Penetration Tester If you’ve been following along so far, I introduced myself in this blog post about conv… Read More

  • 19-05-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: From Veteran to Penetration Tester

    The newest member of the PGI team shares his journey from Army weapons specialist to penetration tester. Read More

  • 16-09-2019

    Cyber security

    What’s the difference between a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test?

    The vulnerability assessment is an automated scan used to identify vulnerabilities while a penetration test aims to expl… Read More

  • 27-08-2019

    Cyber security

    How your IT department can get the most out of penetration testing

    When arriving on site to undertake penetration testing, one very quickly gets a sense of how the local IT staff work. So… Read More

  • 26-06-2019

    Cyber security

    Common mistakes when engaging a penetration testing consultant

    FACT: In 9 out of 10 internal penetration tests we undertake, we are able to achieve a complete compromise of the networ… Read More

  • 10-04-2019

    Cyber security

    6 things you will learn about your organisation from a penetration test

    A penetration test will help you understand your overall security posture. But, that’s not all. It can highlight the pot… Read More

  • 27-02-2019

    Cyber security

    What is a Red Team? Finding the cyber security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do

    ‘Red team' activities are concerned with offensive security exercises e.g. trying to gain access to an organisation, a n… Read More

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