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  • 17-05-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI Insight: Israel/Gaza – May 2021

    Fighting between Israel and Gaza-based militants has erupted over a range of grievances but is unlikely to escalate into… Read More

  • 14-05-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Colombia – May 2021

    PGI's Geopolitical Risk team have developed an analysis piece exploring the future economic situation and outlook in Col… Read More

  • 10-05-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Ukraine/Russia – May 2021

    Moscow is unlikely to launch a large-scale conflict with Ukraine in the near-term due to the high economic cost, and low… Read More

  • 22-04-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Mozambique – April 2021

    Militant activity to persist in Cabo Delgado despite increased international involvement… Read More

  • 09-04-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast: Q2 2021

    The PGI Quarterly Geopolitical Forecast Report identifies major changes in international relations, along with political… Read More

  • 16-03-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Armenia – March 2021

    Government, opposition unlikely to resolve political stalemate in short term In brief Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan acc… Read More

  • 12-03-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Central African Republic – March 2021

    Insecurity likely to persist in coming months In brief Rebel violence and insecurity are likely to persist in the coming… Read More

  • 10-02-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Philippines – February 2021

    Review of US troop agreement risks weakening counter-insurgency capacity, escalating tensions in South China Sea In brie… Read More

  • 02-02-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Myanmar – February 2021

    Pro-government protests likely following military coup in Myanmar. Clashes between government supporters and security fo… Read More

  • 25-01-2021

    Geopolitical Risk

    Uptick in attacks on US media likely to continue in 2021

    Journalists in the US will continue to face significant risks to their operational safety in 2021, including physical ha… Read More

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