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  • 31-03-2021

    Cyber security

    Incident Response: The aftermath of a digital incident

    The strengthening and remediation phase gives your organisation the opportunity to learn from what happened and strength… Read More

  • 04-03-2021

    Cyber attack

    Immunity CANVAS leak: What you need to know

    The leak of CANVAS v7.26 (released in September 2020) means that a wider pool of attackers—who generally use free tools,… Read More

  • 01-02-2021

    Cyber security

    5 benefits of exercising your cyber incident response plan

    Effective planning means an effective response; minimising the impact of a cyber-attack on your operations, reputation a… Read More

  • 22-12-2020

    Cyber security

    IMO’s 2021 Cyber Security Regulations are dead ahead

    Marine and offshore organisations are now required to implement the necessary cyber security measures set out by the IMO… Read More

  • 19-11-2020

    Cyber security

    Phishing and operational resilience? Old words, new environment

    Phishing is not new, but 2020 has seen the type of environmental changes that have given it a new lease of life. Read More

  • 26-10-2020

    Cyber security

    PGI partners with the IASME Consortium on cyber security campaign offering help to charities

    Protection Group International (PGI) is proud to be partnering with IASME Consortium—the recognised partner for the Gove… Read More

  • 16-10-2020

    Cyber attack

    Double-extortion ransomware: Two different considerations

    While information and digital security departments are starting to become increasingly familiar with this emerging techn… Read More

  • 14-08-2020

    Cyber security

    Are lack of tech upgrades really a digital security problem?

    While we all love the latest and greatest hardware, what's the real risk?… Read More

  • 10-07-2020

    Cyber security

    The continued rise of Business Email Compromise

    A BEC scam involves online criminals managing to compromise an organisation’s email account and then monitoring the corr… Read More

  • 02-07-2020

    Cyber security

    The cost-effective way to address cyber security skills and diversity gaps

    We're working towards filling the security workforce skills and diversity gap with our cyber security career conversions… Read More

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