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  • 16-10-2020

    Cyber attack

    Double-extortion ransomware: Two different considerations

    While information and digital security departments are starting to become increasingly familiar with this emerging techn… Read More

  • 14-08-2020

    Cyber security

    Are lack of tech upgrades really a digital security problem?

    While we all love the latest and greatest hardware, what's the real risk?… Read More

  • 10-07-2020

    Cyber security

    The continued rise of Business Email Compromise

    A BEC scam involves online criminals managing to compromise an organisation’s email account and then monitoring the corr… Read More

  • 02-07-2020

    Cyber security

    The cost-effective way to address cyber security skills and diversity gaps

    We're working towards filling the security workforce skills and diversity gap with our cyber security career conversions… Read More

  • 26-06-2020

    Cyber attack

    Ransomware attacks continue – as do ransom payments

    Not a month goes by that we don’t see that another organisation has suffered a ransomware attack. In fact, in the last m… Read More

  • 18-06-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: Applying the study in the real world

    Steve McMunn, Penetration Tester If you’ve been following along so far, I introduced myself in this blog post about conv… Read More

  • 19-05-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security careers: From Veteran to Penetration Tester

    The newest member of the PGI team shares his journey from Army weapons specialist to penetration tester. Read More

  • 31-03-2020

    Cyber attack

    Keeping an eye on COVID-19 cyber security risks

    As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security issues may have taken a backseat for both individuals and… Read More

  • 31-03-2020

    Cyber security

    (COVID-19) رصد ومراقبة مخاطر الأمن السيراني في ظل أزمة فيروس الكورونا

    إحذر أهم الممارسات والأساليب التي يتبعها القراصنة لجذب وإستغلال الضحايا أثناء أزمة #الكورونا… Read More

  • 16-03-2020

    Cyber security

    Cyber security and working from home

    With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), there are an increasing number of employees working from home—either to… Read More

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