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  • 19-05-2020

    - Cyber security - Penetration testing - Training

    Cyber security careers: From Veteran to Penetration Tester

    The newest member of the PGI team shares his journey from Army weapons specialist to penetration tester. Read More

  • 13-05-2020

    - Information security - Training

    Use lockdown to boost your information security career

    Preparing for the next step in your career is easier said than done. CPD and other professional development options are… Read More

  • 04-05-2020

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    Misinformation and Disinformation in 2020

    The terms misinformation and disinformation are often used interchangeably, but they do differ in nuance. Misinformation… Read More

  • 23-04-2020

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    Coronavirus-related civil unrest in Latin America

    The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered a series of civil unrest and looting incidents across Latin America s… Read More

  • 14-04-2020

    - Intelligence - Risk portal

    Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast: Q2, COVID-19 Edition

    In this edition of the Geopolitical Risk Forecast, we have made major changes to medical ratings globally and placed num… Read More

  • 31-03-2020

    - Cyber attack - Cyber security - Phishing

    Keeping an eye on COVID-19 cyber security risks

    As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security issues may have taken a backseat for both individuals and… Read More

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