We provide training and advice to governments to improve intelligence and security capabilities and contribute to better national security policy to combat 21st Century threats.

Our training team have operational experience drawn from the UK government and security agencies, military, special forces and law enforcement, so we deliver high-quality and practical training with real-world examples to enrich the experience. Working with trainers who know the difficulties, constraints and pressures of working in the field provides learners with insights to the industry.

Our training portfolios include source handling, operational security and trade craft, surveillance, analysis, interview skills, and strategic leadership skills.

Security and intelligence gathering training

All of the training options detailed below can be integrated with other cyber security and intelligence services, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and unified advice.

  • Leadership, strategy and management Read more Read less

    We deliver leadership and management courses to all levels of people in an organisation, including national security councils and executive boards. This can be through traditional courses or as one-to-one executive coaching.

  • Operational security and tradecraft Read more Read less

    Frontline operators and organisations are increasingly vulnerable to threats from terrorists, criminals, cyber-attack and hostile intelligence and security forces. We provide courses to maximise security and protect people and organisations from physical, reputational and operational threats.

    Source handling
    We design and deliver a wide range of courses on running sources and informants, including intensive courses on all aspects of source handling, advanced case officer courses and one-to-one specialist training.

    Surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance
    Our team have extensive experience in all forms of surveillance. We build teams, train them and provide the best communications systems for surveillance operations. We also train people in how to identify surveillance when on operations.

    Interviewing skills
    Collecting information from other people is a core skill. We provide expert training on eliciting information for numerous reasons, such as assessing people and negotiation.

    Lawful interrogation
    Using techniques developed in the police we can significantly increase the amount of accurate information collected, either by training others or conducting the investigation ourselves. These techniques respect Human Rights—strictly in accordance with prevailing legislation—and are proven methods for eliciting useful and accurate information.

    Detecting deceit
    In interviews people omit important information, deceive and sometimes forget. Our staff work closely with psychologists who are experts in the field of detecting deceit. We can bring these skills to our clients through training, and as an advisory service. Polygraph training is normally an integral element of these courses.

  • Intelligence analysis Read more Read less

    We train the basics of deductive analysis—including associated software—and advanced training in inductive reasoning so analysts are better equipped to predict events.

    Intelligence fusion
    We help you find the best balance of intelligence techniques, combining traditional and modern methods to help your organisation get the most from information gathering.

    Social media intelligence analysis
    Every day, millions of interactions happen on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These interactions, including the sharing of propaganda and injection of polarising narratives, can provide valuable insight—if you know where to look and how to understand them in context.

    Open source intelligence analysis
    There is a wealth of information available from open sources, but locating and extracting it can prove difficult and time-consuming due to the sheer volume of data available. By employing focused collection and analysis techniques, effectively obtained information can support any number of business objectives.

    Cyber threat intelligence analysis
    Once cyber threat information has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analysed by those with substantive expertise, it becomes actionable cyber threat intelligence.

  • Technical advice Read more Read less

    We provide advice, operational support and training on a wide range of technical issues of interest to security services. This ranges from security assessments, to photography and to providing advanced IT skills. For example, we have experts in IT systems that have considerable experience in designing and building systems both small and large.

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