Our two-day Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training course will teach you to obtain intelligence from publicly available information. There is a wealth of information available from open sources, but locating and extracting it can prove difficult and time-consuming due to the sheer volume of data available. By employing focused collection and analysis techniques, effectively obtained information can support any number of business objectives.

At the end of the course, you will have the necessary skills required to conduct independent online open source investigations while understanding and mitigating your own online digital footprint.

  • Aim Show more Show less

    Understand the full range of sources available to the analyst by effectively interrogating and exploiting open source intelligence in a lawful and constructive manner. This will help to build a full information picture and use techniques to evaluate source reliability and credibility.

  • Who should attend? Show more Show less

    Any professionals who have an operational need to effectively research and collate publicly available information.

  • Learning objectives Show more Show less

    • How OSINT is used to collect public information and identify potential cyberattack vectors
    • How to gather personal information from social media
    • The Deep Web and how to use deep search engines to access unindexed data
    • The benefits of using OSINT, SOCMINT, IMINT, HUMINT, TECHINT and covert sources to create a comprehensive intelligence picture
    • How to access historic information and deleted versions of websites
    • The use of anonymisation (hidden) services
    • Geolocation and geospatial intelligence visualisation.

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