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Solution Architecture Security Practitioner


3 days / 19 hours (price includes the GCI SASP exam)


It is rare for todays’ IT systems to have no security facilities within them. Many organisations, or projects, cannot afford to have an assigned security architect. Yet many solutions or technical architects do not have a good understanding of Information Assurance (IA).

This means that many systems are being designed and built that do not mitigate many of the current and emerging threats from today’s interconnected IT world. The Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP) course is targeted at Solution Architects wishing to know how to design secure systems and gain the knowledge of how to architect into a system a wide range of security controls.

Why should you attend?

This is the first course of its kind that covers the essential knowledge and skills needed to design, build and implement secure systems.

Who should attend?

  • Solution or Technical Architects who wish to build security into their projects.
  • Security professionals wanting to gain an appreciation of the technical and business aspects of their profession, or move into a more senior architecture role.


There are no formal entry requirements for candidates taking the Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP) examination. However, candidates should have some technical project management, solution or technical architect experience.

Course Contents

The course consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 1 – The Basics of Security Architecture
  • Module 2 – Advanced Security Architecture Concepts
  • Module 3 – Information Assurance Methodologies
  • Module 4 – Security Across the Lifecycle

Course Learning Outcomes

Students that have successfully completed the SASP course will be able to:

  • Describe and apply security design principles
  • Identify information risks that arise from potential solution architectures.
  • Design alternate architectures or countermeasures to mitigate identified information risks.
  • Ensure that proposed architectures and countermeasures adequately mitigate identified information risks.
  • Apply “standard”' security techniques and architectures to mitigate security risks.
  • Develop new architectures that mitigate the risks posed by new technologies and business practices.
  • Securely configure ICT systems in compliance with their approved security architectures.


At the end of each module the student must undertake an assessment to assess their knowledge of the material provided in that module and to see if the objectives of the module have been met. Throughout the course quizzes are undertaken that enables a student to test their knowledge of the information covered in that topic. At the end of the course students may challenge the SASP mock exam.

Total Length of Course

The total time specified in this syllabus is a minimum of 14 hours of lecturing and practical work.

Course Materials

On attending this course students are provided with:

  • Full colour, perfect bound course book containing all course slides and notes
  • Exercise Files

These are yours to keep so you can re-run the course as many times as you wish or use them for future reference.

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