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Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management


Duration: 5 days / 40 hours


The Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCiIRM) course is designed to provide foundation knowledge of the terminology and principles of information risk management. It is intended for individuals from information technologies or IT security backgrounds who are embarking on information risk management responsibilities or those who already fulfil information risk management roles who wish to formalise their accumulated experience.

It is equally suitable for business managers who need to gain a formal insight into information risk management in support of wider business risk decision-making. The content of the course is aligned to international risk management standards. It thus provides a grounding in the requirements for fulfilment of increasingly mandatory corporate compliance obligations. The PCIRM course leads to the PCIRM qualification regulated by the British Computer Society (BCS), which has become an industry-recognised credential for information risk managers.

Why should you attend?

This course will prepare IT and information management practitioners for a formal qualification in information risk management. It provides a grounding in information risk management principles that will assist both technical individuals and business managers to gain a deeper insight into information risk in support of broader business or infrastructure risk management.


Basic knowledge of business or technical process management is expected. Basic conceptual knowledge of corporate ICT systems is expected. Some prior experience of general business risk management would be advantageous but is not essential.

Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management

Course Contents

The course consists of 6 modules:

  • Module 1 –  Information Risk Management Concepts
  • Module 2 –  Information Risk Management Frameworks
  • Module 3 –  The Information Risk Management Process
  • Module 4 –  Implementing Information Risk Management
  • Module 5 –  Information Classification
  • Module 6 –  Preparation for the PCIRM Examination and Mock Exam


At the end of each module the student can undertake an assessment to assess their understanding of the information provided in that module and to see if the objectives of the module have been met.  Each topic also contains a quiz that enables a student to test their knowledge of the information covered in that topic. At the end of the course an online mock examination is provided that prepares the student for taking the official BCS PCIRM exam.

Total Length of Course

The total time specified in this syllabus is a minimum of 40 hours of lecturing and practical work.

Course Materials

On attending this course students are provided with:

  • Full colour, perfect bound course book containing all course slides and notes
  • Exercise Files
  • Sample exam questions

These are for the student to keep so that he or she may re-run the course as many times as they wish or use them for future reference.

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