Cyber-attacks are on the increase.

Too many businesses do not have the right people to secure their critical IT infrastructure.

We’re tackling the skills gap and helping to build and maintain a sustainable workforce with career conversion training.

PGI Cyber Academy’s conversion programmes provide our clients with skilled, qualified and hungry cyber security practitioners—cost-effective re-skilling without sacrificing quality.

Alternatively, the initiatives we have provided, working alongside partners and employers, continue to offer fantastic career opportunities—for those not working in the industry—to gain employment, typically providing free training to successful applicants.

For employers: The most cost-effective way to address the cyber skills gap in your organisation

Organisations around the world are struggling to keep up with cyber demand to protect their digital assets – in fact, the demand is so high, it’s expected that there will be 1.8million unfilled cyber roles by 2022 in the UK alone.

The quickest and most effective way to combat this problem is to upskill existing staff—or those looking to change careers—into both technical and non-technical cyber security roles.

The PGI Cyber Academy provides clients with reskilling programmes designed to train staff more effectively, drive hiring costs down and improve employee retention.

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    We work regularly with UK Government, international governments, partners and corporate clients to transition existing staff with aptitude, or to identify and recruit new talent into newly qualified cyber security practitioners, to begin working in the various domains the industry requires.

    We have designed and delivered various skills development programmes that provide organisations with achievable life-long learning pathways through clearly defined education, enabling them to protect their own assets or provide their own clients with their expertise in defending against the cyber threat.

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    If you’re looking to maximise diversity whilst closing your organisation’s skills gap, we have experience providing campaigns to target and identify (often hidden) talent in wider society—such as identifying and recruiting more women into the industry – via our ‘Women in Cyber’ initiative, or finding Ex-Forces candidates with aptitude to succeed— with the aim of breaking down barriers to entry and fulfilling much needed vacancies, aligned to government initiatives.


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    If you would like to talk about developing your cyber security capability or undertaking knowledge or skills gap analysis, please get in touch with us:

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How does the Programme work?

PGI Cyber Academy will work with you to design a training programme with your operational requirements in mind – either by very specific job roles or across a range of similar skills requirements. Within your current workforce we can either identify suitable staff for applying to new roles or we can assess recommended staff for aptitude and appetite.

We confirm a schedule, dates and locations and get to work. Our programmes begin with an  introduction to the industry, its terminology and context. We then enter a period of technical upskilling before focussing on key areas within cyber or information security. Our trainers apply their operational expertise and support in a mentoring capacity during the entirely of the programme.

Our trainers

PGI’s operational staff bring experiences from UK Government, law enforcement, military, financial, critical infrastructure and commercial sector experience to the learning environment. They keep their cyber security knowledge up-to-date through operational work delivering consultancy and technical services, such as UK Government approved Incident Response and Penetration Testing. PGI’s staff are also accredited as trainers by the UK Government.

This expertise informs the design and delivery of our training programmes to ensure learners receive appropriate baseline knowledge for entering the cyber security industry. Programmes can be  aligned to broad initiatives—such as diversity (e.g. Women in Cyber’)—or they can be designed specifically to suit an organisation looking to increase its cyber capability.

Want to start a new career in cyber security?

To increase diversity in the industry and fill much desired skills and knowledge gaps, PGI Cyber Academy has designed programmes that enable candidates from all backgrounds to convert their demonstrable aptitude and current skill set into entry-level cyber security practitioners.

Importantly, there are roles in cyber security that do not solely rely upon candidates having worked in technology or have technical qualifications. Many existing cyber security professionals have backgrounds in studying law, history, or they currently practice project management or politics, as recent examples.

Our successful initiatives have seen a range of technical and non-technical candidates move into the industry, into roles such as Information Security Specialists, Governance, Risk and Compliance Officers, SOC Analysts, Penetration Testers, and advisory.

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    We have established relationships with employer organisations looking to develop or strengthen their cyber operational capabilities. They want to hire new staff with the appetite to succeed, willingness to make a difference and those with the skills ready to add immediate value to their organisation upon graduating.

    Employment for the candidates who successfully complete the application process begins before training starts. On completion of the training programme, they will move into operational roles within the companies. Employers maintain engagement with their new staff members throughout the training programme, providing mentoring and shadowing opportunities.

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    Our initiatives can target candidates from both technical and non-technical backgrounds (depending on the roles required) who want to become cyber security professionals. We use a combination of methods—including a rigorous assessment process made up of practical assignments and interviews—to distinguish those who are suitable and capable of entering the industry.

    We support you throughout the journey to make sure you are as prepared as you can be at each stage.


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