Our six-day NCSC certified course will provide you with the necessary responsive skills and appropriate decision-making abilities to effectively investigate IT security incidents using cutting edge digital forensics tools, tactics and techniques.

You will also become a malware hunter and defender for your organisation and be able to identify suspicious activity on a corporate system and from network traffic to discover and investigate high-end cyber threats.

  • Aim Show more Show less

    Understand the types of tactics a threat actor uses to evade detection by developing
    advanced skills to locate malicious elements on a network and respond appropriately.
    Learn how to report a compromise, who to alert and how countermeasures may help defend against future threats.

  • Who should attend? Show more Show less

    IT professionals who operate as the IT support function in an organisation.

    Professionals who need to understand how to effectively respond to a potential incident and quickly apply the necessary actions.

    The course is also available as part of a workforce transformation program ensuring all IT staff are better defenders of their organisation’s network.

  • Learning objectives Show more Show less

    • Develop skills using fully immersive, hands-on training and a variety of tools
    • Effectively discover host or network breaches in order to triage potential attacks
    • Understand how malware typically finds its way onto a system
    • Understand variations of malware and cyber threats
    • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of Windows operating systems
    • Gain knowledge of file systems and processes
    • Interrogate the Windows Registry
    • Perform volatile memory capture (RAM dumps)
    • Perform forensic imaging
    • Differentiate between law enforcement and corporate incident response
    • Perform network traffic forensics
    • Perform disk-based forensics
    • Find and identify important artefacts
    • Report findings.

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