Our bespoke duration Executive Cyber Awareness training allows you, as a leader or a manager of your organisation, to grasp the business critical issues of cyber security. This will enable you to understand the security measures that need to be implemented to mitigate risks and ensure that appropriate investment plans are proportionate to the risks your company faces. As leaders you will need to develop your cyber threat landscape awareness and will do so by experiencing a variety of demonstrations, discussions and case studies.

A one-day NCSC certified Executive Cyber Awareness course is also available.

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    Gain insight of the cyber threat landscape and real-world consequences of ignoring the risk to business by learning the methodologies that an attacker will adopt to breach security and to expand access within a compromised network.

  • Who should attend? Show more Show less

    Executives and senior managers from both the public and commercial sector organisations, allowing them to appreciate how the many and various issues of cyber security in a digitally enabled environment applies to them, their roles, their reputation and ultimately their organisational survival

    Executives from a non-IT or information security background, but who have the opportunity to shape and determine their organisation’s working culture, strategy and investment in this area.

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    • Effectively understand and discuss real-world hacking events
    • Understand exploitation techniques used by hackers
    • Mitigate risk by demystifying cyber security jargon
    • Assess the damage malware can cause
    • Understand cyber defence operations.

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