Our five-day Ethical Hacker course covers current techniques and associated skills used for ethical hacking and penetration testing. The course allows you to learn and practice current techniques used by industry qualified cyber-security penetration testers when conducting engagements in real world environments.

The course includes the theory, as well as immersive, hands-on demonstrations and exercises of security assessment skills in four days, with the fifth day dedicated to assessments.

  • Aim Show more Show less

    Increase knowledge of current ethical hacking techniques and practice using hands-on penetration testing skills in a safe environment. By completing the course you will be on your way to becoming a security consultant, knowing how to liaise with technical and non-technical clients.

  • Who should attend? Show more Show less

    IT professionals who wish to understand ethical hacking techniques and perform tasks in vulnerable environments

  • Prerequisites Show more Show less

    It is recommended that you have an in-depth knowledge of networking and the TCP protocol, as well as some familiarity or experience using the command line and Linux.

  • Learning objectives Show more Show less

    • Understand information security in the corporate world
    • Develop an understanding of ethics and criminal law in relation to ethical hacking
    • Network enumeration and network mapping
    • Network device management and exploitation
    • Service enumeration
    • Service topology/dependency mapping
    • Service management and exploitation
    • Application enumeration and profiling
    • Application and operating system management
    • Application and operating system exploitation and manipulation
    • Conducting penetration testing engagements
    • The professionalism, communication skills, ethics and the law associated with penetration testing
    • Risk management
    • Required critical thinking when conducting security testing.

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