Our one-day Cyber Security Awareness course will provide you with a thorough understanding of cyber security, as well as the associated threats, risks and different mitigation strategies for managing relevant issues.

Cyber security concepts are demystified and the risks are normalised using live demonstrations, relevant and contemporary case studies and explanations of jargon used by media and industry when talking about cyber security.

  • Aim Show more Show less

    Develop a well-informed and positive mindset towards cyber security by becoming cyber  security aware and understand how to discuss and manage security vulnerabilities appropriately in relation to business and personal risks.

  • Who should attend? Show more Show less

    Staff at all technical or non-technical levels who interact with a computer system on a daily basis.

  • Prerequisites Show more Show less

    There is no pre-reading required for this course but trainees are likely to fully benefit from this course if they are familiar with recent hacks and data breaches in the national and international media, as these may be used as case studies or help form discussions on the course.

  • Learning objectives Show more Show less

    • Become aware of the cyber threatlandscape
    • Identify who conducts cyber-attacks, how and why
    • Learn how to drive a security aware culture within an organisation
    • Analyse and explain relevant and contemporary case studies of data breaches
    • Understand threat actors and explain their differences in methods and objectives
    • Demonstrate what 2FA and secure passphrases are and what they offer
    • Explain the three pillars of information security defined in a current, real-world context
    • Understand how hackers exploit open source information to create an attack plan
    • Create core messages for a cyber security awareness campaign within a workforce
    • Identify steps to directly improve personal and departmental or divisional cyber security.

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