Governments, businesses and individuals are all threatened by cyber security risks. These risks are acknowledged to be high; and to be growing faster than the numbers, skills, and knowledge of those who can address them.

That’s why governments and large corporate organisations in more than
50 countries have used PGI’s specialist cyber services to help them fill
critical capability gaps and manage cyber security risks.

Government cyber security capacity building

Assisting governments to establish national operating models and international relationships

Countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa have used us as a
partner to build their national cyber security capability. We do this through
designing and implementing national operating models, including
interoperability between public and private service providers. This often
includes the building of units, such as national cyber security centres
(NCSCs), security operations centres (SOCs) and national cyber security
incident response teams (CSIRTs) and developing and delivering training and
exercise programmes for their staff, as well as awareness for the wider

We understand that, for many nations, this task is too important to be
indefinitely to an external provider, so we design effective capability
transfer into all long-term programmes, through a combination of:

  • ‘Build and transfer’ or ‘build, operate and transfer’ approaches
  • Design and delivery of training environments and operational
  • Training of trainers (ToT)
  • Developing national curriculums and qualifying accreditations

Corporate cyber security capacity building

Building your capability to
understand and overcome cyber threats

Cyber security should be proportionate to the overall risks an
organisation faces and vitally, it isn’t just about a reactive technical fix. Implemented
properly, it can be a driver of change and operational resilience, regardless
of size and sector. Therefore, developing of a cyber security strategy that
fits your organisation is about finding the right balance between
organisational culture, technical controls, risk appetite and a specific threat

Our team of cyber and information security experts will work with you
to develop a cyber security programme that enables business operations, not
restricts them. Programmes are designed to cover governance, processes,
technologies, metrics, culture change, crisis management and operational

Importantly, we also improve organisational leadership’s understanding of
the role of cyber security by providing actionable guidance that’s designed to
future-proof your operations. This approach promotes trust and a top-level
buy-in that enables the implementation of the cultural and technical measures
required to safeguard valuable assets.

Why choose PGI

Our clients chose us over general-purpose management consultancies because of our undiluted focus on building their cyber security capacity and capability through consultancy, training, managed services and intellectual property transfer. They also benefit from:

  • Our partnership ethos Show more Show less

    PGI recognises that different organisations require different outcomes in terms of their cyber security posture: some require support in building their own independent sustainable and scalable model, others require a hybrid of self-sustainability and carefully selected external consultancy and capacity, and others require a full Managed Service Solution. We operate on a basis of partnership with our clients to deliver the shape and model of the solution they require as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Our international reach and impact Show more Show less

    PGI operates in the UK for UK Government, Critical National Infrastructure providers—including the banking sector—and other large corporate organisations. PGI also has a breadth of experience operating internationally, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This understanding of different cultures, regulatory regimes, Critical National Infrastructure governance models and national security dynamics complements our deep skill specialism to provide effective consultancy, services and training to the best effect.

  • Our people Show more Show less

    Our team of cyber and information security specialists are qualified to the highest national and international standards and carefully selected from relevant backgrounds—including intelligence and security agencies, law enforcement and multinational corporations—to deliver world-class cyber security consultancy, services and human capability and development. We maintain the highest levels of situational awareness against threat actors and national and sector specific trends. This allows us to deliver the most effective and affordable service based on clients’ actual needs and budgets.

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