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PGI Cyber Academy announces CREST-Approved training

PGI's Cyber Academy adds its Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager training to its growing list of CREST-Approved cyber security training courses.

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In response to increasing demand from its clients—that mandatory training should be aligned with industry recognised certifications—the PGI Cyber Academy has been awarded ‘CREST-Approved’ status for three of its Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) training courses, which are aligned to CREST’s CTI exams.

This approval comes at a time where many sectors, particularly Banking, are formalising cyber security skills requirements in order to strengthen their testing capabilities.

This formal recognition assures participants and their employers that PGI’s training content covers some or all topics in a CREST exam syllabus, is at the appropriate skill level, and that training improves skills.

The UK corporate market is maturing its threat intelligence capabilities to better protect organisations and clients, which means that the demand for staff with the desired cyber skills to support and lead this effective business function is growing.

PGI is proud to announce that the following seven training courses have all achieved CREST-Approved status:

Accreditation bodies quite rightly require rigorous assessment of a provider’s business processes, data security and security testing methodologies; therefore, gaining industry recognised accreditation demonstrates PGI’s commitment to ensure its training is current, relevant and high quality, while reassuring those organisations wanting to upskill their employees that they are working with a respected and trusted training provider which knows how to impart effective learning.

Dr Meredith Patton, PGI’s Director of Cyber Operations and Training believes that aligning this selection of PGI’s training courses with knowledge and skills aligned to CREST exams ensures that participants will receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills required to take on roles within the cyber security sector.

“Given the ever-widening skills gap, our mission to help our UK and international partners achieve capacity and capability growth in cyber security skills has become increasingly important,” Dr Patton said.

“Being able to partner with CREST to help our clients and their staff achieve these highly sought after qualifications alongside their organisation’s functional/operational outcomes reduces the skills gap significantly – which is what PGI has always set out to achieve, whether that is working on diversity initiatives with the UK Government, designing capability models for partners, or for proving cost-effective but quality-driven upskilling to our clients for teams working in the UK corporate market.

“CREST accreditation reassures our clients that PGI’s training delivers the learning outcomes comprising the necessary blend of skills, knowledge and abilities through theory, hands-on labs and exercises and mentoring from PGI’s trainers—who are current, operational practitioners—to prepare their staff through industry-recognised assessments to validate their expertise,” she said.

Currently, PGI Cyber Academy can provide both classroom and remote/virtual training for those preparing to undertake CREST’s CCTIM, CRTIA, CPTIA, CRT, CPSA, CRIA, and, CPIA exams.

In addition to individual training courses, PGI’s career conversion programmes upskill employers’ existing staff or help identify new recruits into various, much needed technical or non-technical cyber security roles– depending on our clients’ requirements.

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