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Information security and the supply chain


As best practice, being able to address security requirements with your critical service providers is consistently included in all of the major cyber security standards.

Why is this? Paul Traill, our Head of Risk and Compliance has produced an article for In-procurement Magazine on the topic of ensuring your supply chain is secure and the ways in which organisations can achieve this precisely and effectively.

The article includes overviews into the security risks that a business could be currently facing, the ways in which these can be mitigated and an in-depth explanation into specific practices to be undertaken with the assistance of key tabular data illustrating the security/data protection standards and suppliers assurance.

Download the full article

How PGI can help secure your supply chain

Of course, cyber security should be a key consideration in any decision on new partnerships/collaborations or decisions on suppliers, providers, mergers and acquisitions, but we know you know that. However, sometimes it’s a matter of getting started and that’s often the hardest part.

We offer a range of services to help you gain a deeper understanding and more control over your supply chain management, including our Cyber Assurance as a Service offering, which enables you to call on a full team with specialist expertise for your information and cyber security requirements. This knowledge includes creating and implementing risk assessment processes, creating supplier assurance policies and procedures (such as security-related contract clauses, and due diligence questionnaires), and carrying out onsite supply chain audits.

If you’re ready to take more control of your supply chain, talk to us.