Why is a PCI Gap Analysis important?

There has been a significant increase in both the number of people choosing to shop online, and in the amount of highly sensitive customer data handled by businesses. As a result, many organisations are now required to have—and are pro-actively seeking—PCI DSS compliance.

Through meeting the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), businesses can ensure they’re adopting best practice, while also demonstrating a commitment to protecting their customers’ sensitive data.

What is a PCI Gap Analysis?

A PCI DSS Gap Analysis is typically the first step organisations take to understand their current level of compliance. From the Gap Analysis, PGI’s consultants will outline the most cost-effective approach to meeting PCI requirements and assess readiness for audit.

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    PCI Gap Analysis is a professional assessment of an organisation’s compliance status undertaken by one of PGI’s approved assessors. Our consultants review your existing policies, processes and controls, relevant to the cardholder data environment, to determine your current level of compliance.

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    The PCI Gap Analysis fully explores your existing cardholder data environment (CDE); confirming strengths, highlighting weaknesses, and identifying improvements for reducing the risk of cardholder data loss, theft, or misuse, along with the financial, legal, and reputational damages that could occur as a result.

Benefits of a PCI Gap Analysis

At PGI, we believe a PCI Gap Analysis is one of the most effective methods of boosting awareness of risk within the cardholder data environment. A PCI Gap Analysis provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of their CDE, enabling a better understanding of how confidential data is stored, managed, and used within this environment.

The assessment allows businesses to benefit from the support of our experienced team of security experts as we work together to meet the requirements of the PCI standard. We recommend regular assessments to ensure that businesses are continuing to meet the standard and continuing to maintain compliance.

Do you need to conduct a PCI DSS Gap Analysis?

PGI’s consultants can conduct a PCI Gap Analysis for you, enabling you and your team to concentrate on core operations.

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    If your business, in any way, directly processes, stores or transmits confidential payment data or provides services for supporting payment environments, then it is highly recommended that you take measures to ensure that this information is managed securely and in line with the PCI DSS.

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    PCI Gap Analysis is designed to benefit businesses that are on their way to becoming PCI DSS compliant, but require additional assistance in identifying weaknesses and implementing suitable solutions. It is a vital consideration for businesses who do not wish to experience the time consuming and often costly recovery periods that follow a confidentiality breach, or a failed audit.

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Why choose PGI?

At PGI, we’re proud to be among a select group of assessors recognised and acknowledged by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) for expertise, experience, and professionalism in the field of payment data security.

As approved Qualified Security Assessors (QSA), we assess compliance to the latest standard (currently PCI DSS 3.2.1), helping you to minimise the reputational and financial risks associated with non-compliance, and ensure you’re demonstrating an ongoing commitment to security.

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