What is PCI DSS Compliance Advice?

Why complete a default SAQ D with 300 plus requirements when there may be no need to do so?

We will provide your organisation with an expert validation of compliance scope and confirm which part of your organisation needs to be compliant to PCI DSS. We can help assess potential scope reduction and advise on which Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is most suitable.

PGI help organisations who are just starting their PCI DSS journey or those who are introducing a new payment method or function into their businesses. We can advise on the practices, processes and procedures that need to be in place to ensure compliance. We can also advise on the compliance of technical infrastructure which makes up the cardholder data environment.

We can identify pragmatic, best practice solutions to help your organisation become or remain compliant with PCI DSS and can assist with raising employee awareness and providing training sessions.

Benefits of PCI Compliance Advice

  • Expert assistance to new starters Read more Read less

    Our Information Assurance consultants and QSAs provide organisations with PCI compliance advice around the most cost-effective methods for implementing the best practices.

    This service line is perfect for companies who are just starting out on their PCI journey, looking for some one-off advice, or wanting the re-assurance of having ‘on tap’/available assistance for the implementation of significant changes, a new system, or the start of a new project.

    Examples could include the introduction of in-scope telephony systems, call recording, payment applications, cloud-based infrastructure, or outsourced/managed service environments.

  • Stay compliant and in control Read more Read less

    Our PCI compliance advice can also be used to check that they are operating the most effective processes to keep their CDE scope to a minimum and reduce risk. This often results in operational efficiencies and a more effective payment card process.

  • Make sure your employees are educated with the policy best practice Read more Read less

    Compliance advice can be used to provide business or IT employees with up-to-date training and awareness. PGI’s knowledgeable professionals will make sure that staff are made aware of what PCI DSS is all about and best practice dos and don’ts, ensuring your organisation remains compliant with the people-related requirements of the PCI standard.

Do you need PCI DSS compliance advice?

Take measures to manage information securely

If your business, in any way, directly processes, stores or transmits confidential payment data or provides services for supporting payment environments, then it is highly recommended that you take measures to ensure that this information is managed securely and in line with PCI DSS.

Benefit your business by becoming compliant

PCI DSS Compliance Advice is designed to benefit businesses that are on their way to becoming PCI DSS compliant, but require additional assistance in identifying weaknesses and implementing suitable solutions. It is a vital consideration for businesses who do not wish to experience the time consuming and often costly recovery periods that follow a confidentiality breach, or a failed audit.

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Why choose PGI?

At PGI, we’re proud to be among a select group of assessors recognised and acknowledged by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) for expertise, experience, and professionalism in the field of payment data security.

As approved Qualified Security Assessors (QSA), we assess compliance to the latest standard (currently PCI DSS 3.2.1), helping you to minimise the reputational and financial risks associated with non-compliance, and ensure you’re demonstrating an ongoing commitment to security.

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