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In the event of a computer security investigation, time is paramount. The sooner we are involved the sooner we can secure assets, limit damage and measure extent.

What are digital forensic services?

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and, despite best efforts, businesses may experience a breach. However, it is reported that just 13% of UK businesses have implemented a cyber security incident management policy, meaning that many are unprepared for the recovery process.

In situations where a breach has resulted in a civil or criminal court matter, an examination of your digital media and data may be required to generate an accurate sequence of events.

At PGI, we ensure you’re fully prepared for this. Our team copy, transport, and store your digital data, adhering to strict ACPO Guidelines for Digital Evidence, enabling necessary information to be investigated as required.

The benefits of digital forensic services

  • Support the data breach recovery process

    PGI’s digital forensic services form an integral part of an effective recovery plan, ensuring that you have the data, the facts, and the ability to build a strong narrative to support your case.

  • Limiting operational down time

    Preparation is key to competent incident response, minimising downtime, and helping you to restore your operations.

Digital forensic service options

The experienced PGI team undertake all aspects of digital forensics, from assisting law enforcement with cases of fraud, IP theft, and insider threat, through to corporate data recovery, malware identification, and digital security incidents. As such, we offer a comprehensive range of digital forensic service options:

  • Computer forensics Read more Read less

    The extraction of data from computers and other forms of hardware, including USB sticks, external hard drives and servers. Expert techniques are used to copy both existing and deleted data.

  • Mobile device forensics and RFPS Read more Read less

    The extraction of data from SIM cards and memory cards as well as a Radio Frequency Propagation Survey (RFPS) if needed (a form of cell site analysis for determining location of devices).

  • Media forensics Read more Read less

    The extraction of data—including audio and visual—from digital media platforms, such as Facebook. We use cutting-edge tools to capture data accurately.

  • Data recovery Read more Read less

    In cases of loss of corporate information, digital forensic services can be used to recover valuable data. This can be especially beneficial should lost data be required as part of an ongoing cyber security investigation.

  • Disaster recovery Read more Read less

    We believe that all businesses should be prepared for any eventuality. That’s why we include disaster recovery as part of our digital forensic services, ensuring you’re ready to respond to an incident.

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We use our in-depth knowledge and advanced equipment to carry out fast, effective and highly efficient forensic data imaging and acquisition to protect your organisation from both present and potential threat actors.

Our team of digital forensics experts come from strong law enforcement and defence backgrounds, giving them the skills needed to handle any requirement.

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