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Is your organisation prepared to handle a cyberattack?

Cyber security breaches are inevitable. How your organisation plans for and handles a breach is what matters.

Incident response should not just be reactive. Effective planning means an effective response; minimising the impact of a cyberattack on your operations, reputation and bottom line.

PGI’s Incident Response and cyber security can help your organisation take a holistic approach to cyber incidents.

PGI’s guide to Cyber Incident Response.

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The benefits of a comprehensive Incident Response approach

There is no doubt that prevention remains one of the best cures for cyberattacks. However, it is only one part of the puzzle. The tactics used by cyber criminals and threat actors continue to evolve at pace, meaning that cyberattacks remain a real possibility for all organisations. You may not have complete control over whether a cyberattack happens to you, but you can control how your organisation plans for, responds to, and recovers from these events. Here are some ways in which a good response strategy can minimise the impact of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident and help your organisation’s recovery.

  • Reducing operational and financial impact Read more Read less

    In the event of a cyberattack, the speed with which you are able to respond and recover, as well as the impact of the attack, will depend on how prepared you are. Having tried and tested Incident Response, business continuity and crisis management plans in place will ensure that your business can recover quickly with minimal damage and interruption to operations.

  • Complying with regulatory requirements Read more Read less

    Regulations such as GDPR and NISD require organisations to respond within 72 hours of a breach. Planning ahead increases the likelihood of your organisation meeting these requirements, avoiding financial penalties and long-term reputational damage.

    More about how PGI can help you achieve NISD compliance

    More about how PGI can help you achieve GDPR compliance

  • Meeting insurance due diligence requirements Read more Read less

    As the insurance industry works to better meet the needs of organisations in the 21st century, providers increasingly expect their clients to have a minimum level of digital security in place, including preventative controls and appropriate crisis plans.

  • Reassuring suppliers and customers Read more Read less

    High profile data breaches have raised general awareness of both cyberattacks and the responsibility of organisations to look after their clients’ data properly. Communicating and showcasing your commitment to cyber security provides confidence to your clients and supply chain and can enhance your reputation in a crowded market place.

Are you prepared for a cyber incident?

Don't wait for an incident to start your incident response preparation, there are many proactive things you can do to mitigate the impact on your operations, bottom line, and people.

Let's prepare

PGI incident response services

Effective planning for and response to cybersecurity incidents needs skills that may not always be available in-house. PGI’s experienced team allows you to expand your security capability without the headcount and be prepared.

Our experienced team offers a wide range of preventative options as well as response and recovery services to limit disruption to your business and restore operations as quickly as possible.

PGI’s guide to Cyber Incident Response.

  • Proactive: Prevention and preparation Read more Read less


    • Table-top exercises and Board briefings. The first time your organisation deals with a crisis should not be a real-world incident. PGI’s table-top exercises provide Boards and leadership teams the opportunity to see if Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Incident Response plans are appropriate for a cyber incident and where there is room for improvement.
    • Technical exercises. How well would your in-house team put an Incident Response plan into action? Our experts can develop and facilitate scenarios to exercise plans and provide staff the opportunity to review efficacy.
    • Full-scale simulations. To ensure the response to an incident is effective, it is vital that the key people across the business know how to work together and that the appropriate plans can be actioned. A full-scale simulation provides an opportunity for both management and technical teams to work side by side.

    Learn more about facilitated incident response exercises


    Cyber Security Maturity Modelling
    PGI’s unique maturity assessment will help you gain an understanding of your organisation’s security posture, measured against internationally recognised industry standards. Our tailored approach highlights where improvement is required and where measures in place already are appropriate/proportionate, preventing unnecessary over-investment.

    Learn more about Cyber Maturity Modelling


    Security testing
    Our Penetration Testing and Red Team Testing services identify specific weaknesses in hardware, software, or in operational processes.

    Learn more about Penetration Testing


    Incident response and business continuity planning
    We work with both leadership and technical teams to develop effective, tailored plans appropriate for a cyber incident.


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  • Reactive: Emergency response Read more Read less

    Our team can conduct a full assessment to identify a breach and confirm that an incident has taken place. We will analyse your systems and network to determine the techniques used, including:

      • Identification of a data breach and detection of malware;
      • Confirmation of the extent of the breach and degree of damage; and
      • Digital forensic services to generate an accurate sequence of events

    Recovery of corporate data to minimise downtime.

    Once we understand what we’re dealing with, we’ll get to work quickly to contain the data breach and prevent it from spreading further, minimising damage to your business and reputation.

    Our team will utilise a variety of professional approaches to resolve the problem in a safe and controlled manner, minimising data loss, preventing spread, and reducing your downtime.

    Emergency response services are available as part of a retained contract or one-off requirement.

    Learn more about emergency Incident Response

  • Next step: Strengthening Read more Read less

    In the aftermath of an incident, it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s vulnerability in order to predict against future threats. This may come in the form of an assessment such as our Cyber Security Maturity Model, the identification and implementation of an appropriate Information Security Management System, or security testing to ensure that all vulnerabilities have been remediated.


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Why choose PGI?


Our team believes that speed is everything. We strive to be among the quickest to identify, address, and resolve a data breach to bring operations back up as quickly as possible.

Our team has deep technical knowledge and understands the business, legal and regulatory requirements that underpin your operations.

Combined with some of the most advanced techniques for data recovery, we make sure that your organisation has the support it needs to restore, resume, and recoup.

PGI is CREST-certified to deliver cyber incident response services.

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